The Stripers Are On The Move And Blackfish Are Hungry • Introducing "Flip Rocks" •

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Hey there, Andrea back with this weeks report. The stripers are on the move and the blackfish are hungry. Seabass and other wreck fish are worthy targets too. both the bay and ocean have all the fish you want. now is the time to be fishing and catching.

In the surf the bass fishing has been great, practically the whole island has fish but the south shore and east end are the "hot spots." In Montauk the fishing is on fire with day blitzes happening frequently. They are providing good opportunities for the day time action. Poppers, tins and bucktails and Super Strike swimming plugs are all getting anglers onto fish.

They range from schoolies to slot sized fish. With the occasional over slot being caught. Fishing on the western south shore, the sand beaches also have had some good bite. From the sand beaches in montauk all the way to fire island inlet, surcasters are enjoying the sand eel bites with the use of diamond jigs and tins. If you find some bunker throwing larger plugs like pencil poppers, darters, and bottle plugs can get you bigger fish. Bait fishermen are doing good with clam fished on fish finder rigs. bunker is also pulling the larger fish as well.

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In the ocean boaters are catching striped bass jigging. guys are coming in saying there is a-lot of slot sized fish with multiple over slot fish being caught regularly. diamond jigs and tins.with or with out tubes are working well in the sizes 3-6oz. The bottom fishing is great with the opening of blackfish island wide now, anglers are going out and getting an easy limit on the reefs and wrecks. The shop is stocked with green crabs ad tons of blackfish rigs and jigs for your blackfishing needs. Seabass, porgies,ling and some cod are also on the reefs and are adding to the nice mixed bag of fall time bottom fishing. Clam rigs, and jigs tipped with gulp grubs are all catching there share of bottom fish.

In the bay the fishing is steady, with bass being caught around the bridges and channel edges. Guys clam chumming are doing good and having fast-paced action ,with multiple fish days and the occasional weakfish mixed in. Speaking of weakfish they too are around the bridges, typically at night. They aren't as thick as they were like the past couple of weeks, but the ones that you catch now will be of a larger size class.

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Also in the bays the crabbing is still gong strong, those who are using traps are doing better that those using the chicken on a string method. Most people think once it gets cold the crabbing stops but the fall is the time of year were you can catch some monster blue claws.

On the freshwater side the bass fishing is great. live shiners are catching bass and pickerel as well as big yellow perch. A float rig with a #2 hook is a good set up to fish the live shiners naturally. night crawlers fished from a float or casted with a jig head will catch perch, bluegills and crappies. Fall is also a good time to target carp. They will hit worm, corm or bread ball fishing on the bottom with a size 4 hook and a split shot. A little heavier tackle would be wise but they are fun to tangle with, be ing that they are the large freshwater fish around here.

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