The Ocean Wrecks Are Hot • Surf Fishing Is Excellent At FINS And More....• Patchogue Locals Score Big Fish!!!!

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The surf fishing is excellent at  FINS (Fire Island National Sea-Shore) right now and the bottom fishing is fantastic. The weather has been cooperative, making for fast pace action on both the beach and boats.

On the surf, the sand beaches ( Smith Point County Park , Shinecock Inlet  and  Robert Moses State Park ) are where you want to be. Early morning and afternoons are the best times. Anglers throwing diamond jigs, needlefish, tins and poppers are all doing excellent. Fish of all sizes are being caught with many slot sized fish being pulled and multiple over slot fish in the thirty pound class being caught too. At night guys are fishing the sand with bottle plugs, sp minnows, needlefish and darters are having good success with many premium sized fish. Patchogue locals fishing Cupsogue Beach County Park are also using teasers in front of the main lures to better imitate the slender sandeels that are in the surf.

On the North Shore there are some good day time blitzes of bass and small bluefish, and mixed in are some albies too. Small tins and epoxy minnows are the lure of choice to better imitate the small baits that these fish are chasing.

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The ocean wrecks are hot. All the bottom fish are active and ready to feed. Seabass, ling, porgies, blackfish, cod and pollack are all game while fishing these wrecks and reefs. Almost all of these species can be caught with a regular hi-low bottom rig with clam or squid. Heavy diamond jigs with teasers will pull the larger seabass, cod and pollack of the wrecks.
For the blackfish, crabs are the best way to go, the shop has the "new" golden green crabs, which are a premium baits for tautog. Both rigs and jigs are proving to be successful methods of fishing. Anglers are not having a problem filleting a limit for both the north and south shore.

In the bay there are plenty of fish too. Patchogue locals are fishing around the inlets with clam and heavy chum. Many schoolie fish are being caught with the clam chum method and the larger over sized fish are being caught with the live baits of bunker. Another option that guys are resorting to is fishing the marsh flats and coves with light tackle and artificial lures like poppers and swimshads. This is providing great daytime topwater action. For the guys who like to fish at night they are going to the bridges and are using softplastic lures and small bucktails and are "catch-in" striped bass, small bluefish and a occasional weakfish.

In the lakes like Great Patchogue Lakethe LM bass fishing is good with live shiners being the popular bait. Pickerel and perch will take alive shiner as well. Artificial lures like senko worms, swimbaits and spinnerbaits are also pulling their share of bass and pickerel. For the panfish, fishing West Lake  using small curly-tail grubs and hair jigs are catching blueguills, perch and crappie. A nightcrawler  fished from a float will catch as many panfish as you want as well. 

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Posted by Go Fishing on Saturday, October 24, 2020

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