Flounder Open's April 1st

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Freshwater fishing has been very active within the last week or so. Anglers are pulling a decent number of stocked brown trout from the lakes as well as some sunfish and yellow perch mixed in too. Great Patchogue Lake has been active with Pickerel and LMBass also. It would be wise to bring a bucket of minnows with you when hunting for pickerel. A live minnow will increase your chances of a strike. If you are looking to try for
some trout, then you may want to use baits such as wax worms, meal worms, or nightcrawlers. Lures like Kastmasters, Spinners, and Phoebes are working good too. It will only get better from here on out. The lake temperatures will increase, making fish more active. We will also be seeing several more stockings of trout in the next months. All this will keep most busy until the Striped Bass and Bluefish arive in the upcoming months.

April 1st starts a spring tradition.  Opening of Flounder fishing season.(the bag limit is 2 fish at 12 inches)  It’s time to tune up your equipment, and try out the new tackle that you received from Christmas.  Try the shallow water first.  This may bring the temperature up just enough to see a bite or two.

We’ll be stocked with worms, clam and mussels.  Hooks, line and sinkers too!

atencion mis amigos pescadores, por favor asegurese de registrarse para sus licencia de agua salada y agua dulce .

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  • Wanted to also note one of my favorite lakes to fish which is gonna be open april 1 is swan lake great

    joe o on

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