Striped Bass Opens April 15th*****2016 Kayak Fishing Classic at Jamaica Registration is Now Open

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Striped Bass Opens April 15th

The trout stocked in the lakes have been keeping anglers busy until Striper season opens. We should also see another stocking of fish very. West lake and Carmens River both have been offering excellent chances to get in on this fun.

Carmens was stocked with several hundred large brown trout as well as some smaller rainbows. West lake on the other hand was stocked with 300 Brown trout

Largemouth Bass and Pickerel both remain a safe bet if you want to get the rod bent. The leading bait would still be a live shiner but don't rule out lures or soft plastics. Look for warmer sunny days. This type of weather can cause a nice increase in action. A small tin boat or kayak can increase your access on certain lakes as well.

For weeks now we have been hearing about the loads of bait in our local bay and creeks. Bunker and spearing are the two main baitfish people have been spotting. This is a good sign for the season. Also we have also received word of a few stray bluefish that have already made their way into our bays. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw things really start to get going by the end of April. Typically the first fish to be caught are by baits such as bunker or mackerel. Within a week of their arivial, the bluefish will be more that willing to smack a lure.

Striped Bass are still working their way down from New Jersey and the Hudson. Some reports of schoolie sized fish are starting to be heard from
areas out west by the city. Those fish should be coming to our area very soon. Our local Creeks and rivers tend to hold a decent population of holdover bass too. A couple of anglers have managed to hook into some of these fish while white perch fishing. An effective early season bait for stripers is a sandworm or bloodworm on a simple high-low rig.

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2016 Kayak Fishing Classic at Jamaica Bay May 12th to May 15th 2016…….. Click Here To Register

    Thursday May 12th 2016
Pre-Tournament Fishing 
5-7pm

Friday May 13th 2016
Captain’s Meetings at 11am & 7pm
Not mandatory
Tournament Fishing 12pm to 6pm

Saturday May 14th 2016

Tournament Fishing 5am to 7pm

Sunday May 15th 2016

Tournament Fishing 5am to 12 noon
Awards Ceremony and Luncheon 1pm 








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