Patchogue's Fishing Report......Stripers on the beach. Blues are starting. Trout in the lakes.

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Monday Morning Update…..Breaking News
Small Bass at Patchogue Docks!!!
Small shads and sandworms will do the trick
Montauk Matt's first bass (25") of the season
Striped bass season is open , anglers have been producing fish already in the local areas . Be sure to stop by in the shop and get fresh bait, sandworms , bloodworms, and clam are a go to bait this time of year for these fish. We also have frozen bunker and mackerel.

Anglers have been catching micro bass down by the bridges during the day and night. Most of there small striped bass range from 8-18 inches. Dont get me wrong there are some bigger fish around too but it is uncommon. It is fun fishing, take out your little spinning rods and throgh little bucktails, little swim shads, and little soft plastic jig heads.
Andy Torre just reported that some blues were also taken at smiths point bridge this week too. They'll be here in mass soon.
The trout have been stocked once again and are very active. West Lake , upper lake and carmens river have been offering excellent chances to get in on this fun
West Lake has been stocked with 500 trout 300 rainbowtrout and 200 browntrout . Lures and Bait have been very affective towards these fish such
as wax worms , nightcrawlers, or gold kastmasters , mepps roster tail .

Largemouth Bass and Pickerel both remain very active . live bait is the go to bait if targeting these fish. With the sun out these fish tend to get more
active This type of weather can cause a nice increase in action. A small tin boat or kayak can increase your access on certain lakes as well.

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