Saltwater Fishing Registration Required in New York State

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Effective April 29th, 2011, if you are saltwater recreational fishing, in New York State, you need to register. 

This is a FREE registry.  Stop in at J&J Sports and we'll do it for you or you can access the DEC registration site @

(Please be sure to follow all laws and fishing regulations in the waters in which you are fishing.) 

Anglers will need to provide their name, date of birth, address and telephone number, and will receive a registration number that will allow them to begin fishing immediately.

Exceptions include anglers who are under the age of 16

Send your reports and photo's to: 
don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) 
comments or questions are welcome.  631-654-2311

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