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Fluke are being caught all along the south shore with north shore boats doing very well too. The photo's (above) are of some keepers landed  from across eastern Long Island including the  “narrows” at Smith’s point.
This season has already seen some doormat sized Fluke rise up off the bottom. Plain squid and spearing have taken many fish as well as Bucktails accounting for a lot of fish as well. Locally, the Moriches and FI inlet appears to be producing best. 

Bluefish continues as the fish of choice at the local docks, bridges and inlets. The varying sizes of this choppers range from 4lbs to 15lbs. Incredible!!! Even though mackerel and bunker are the baits of choice,. Try popping plugs and tins, they too will also produce.
The Smiths Point Bridge area, as well as both Shinnecock and Moriches inlets have been filled with these agressive  bluefish too.

Striper fishing is now starting to improve more and more each day now. Reports are coming in from all along the south shore as well as the peconics. Fish are anywhere from 30"-40" Many of these fish are falling for bunker chunks. Matt from the shop landed a 22 pound striped bass from the surf last night on a sp minnow. He was fishing smiths point open beach. Stripers have been active and have been falling for bait as well as lures. The night tides have been more effective than the day tides and clam, bunker, and mackerel have all been effective.                                Patchogue dock is starting to see some bass action with a 33" fish being taken on a chunk yesterday. Next month some bigger fish should start to make there way down toward the island.  

The Weakfish bite is fair to good. Weakfish are being caught along the great south bay with some nice fish (up to 8-0 lbs) being caught off ocean beach. Bass Assassins on a small jig head, small bucktails, jelly worms and small tins have all been catching weakfish. Put in the time and you will be rewarded.

Even though more anglers have focused there time on saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing has still been producing fish and with less crowds. Several Brown and Rainbow trout are still being caught from west lake on night-crawlers.

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