Fishing Continues to be Hot and Heavy

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The southshore beaches have been on fire this week. Small baits have made their presence know on the beach with good showings of spearing and sandeels. Bluefish up to 15 pounds were beached in the past few days with some striped bass ranging from the small schoolie size all the way up to the high teens in weight. Mike from the shop had a quality keeper that weighed 16lbs yesterday on a south shore beach. With all of the small bait around diamond jigs, bucktails and tsunami swim eels have accounted for the majority of the fish. Striped Bass continue to follow the bunker schools between Moriches and Fire Island Inlet. This is following last years pattern with the probability of "Big" fish to be taken.

On another note bluefish are still in our local bays. Smiths Point bridge is still seeing some nice blues despite the warming temperatures. the usual poppers and diamond jigs will catch these aggressive blues. Fluke fishing has been improving once again this week. narrows bay and moriches bay have seen some good catches this week. one of our retired customers has seen close to his limit 4 days in a row with a fish on or over 5lbs each day.

Weakfish have been seeing some action this week. ocean beach area has seen its fair share this week, a customer reported catching them on accident while fishing for bluefish with diamond jigs!

Porgies have been active in recent days with good opportunities to catch them from shore. Cedar beach in rocky point is a hot spot this time of year and sees some jumbos! sandworms and clam on fin-strike hi-lo rigs do the trick for these tasty fish.

Kingfish, We're hearing rumors of some kingfish showing up at the local docks.
kingfish have an elongated body with an arched back that gives them almost a triangular shape. They are an overall silver-gray or copper in color, often with darker shades on the back. On their sides are a series of dark, vertical bars. kingfish also has a large head and a single chin barbel. They have two dorsal fins, the first tall and pointed. Size Limit: No Restrictions, Bag Limit: No Restrictions, Season: All Year. Excellent eating!! Kingfish feed on sandworms, squid, and clam.

Blue Claw Crabs are showing. the local docks are producing some nice crabs. Traps and nets are both a fun way to capture these treats. Bunker is a great bait. Stop in the shop and we’ll set you up.

On the freshwater front: Largemouth Bass fishing has been very good over the past week or so. Several fish to 3 pounds have been caught and released back into the lake.
Nightcrawlers have been working exceptionally well.   Live shiners which we carry in the shop have been taking some larger fish too.   Tom Ganetis stopped by the shop to weigh in a Large Mouth Bass taken from Patchogue Lake. The fish was in the 2-0 range. Nightcrawler's did the trick. 

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