July 4th Forecast….Expect Great Fishing!!!

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Sandeels! Yes its true, the sandeels are in fact on the south shore beaches and in the inlets. Early mornings and afternoons have both stripers and bluefish feeding on the sandeels. green bucktails, diamond jigs, and  other eel like imitations have caught most of the fish out front. the inlets have seen great day bites when the tide is moving. heavy bucktails tipped with pork rinds account for almost all of the fish on the rocks. At times its was even reported "blitz fishing" with a hit every cast!

shinnecock inlet had an immense amount of bluefish with some bass mixed in these schools. all these fish are feeding on small baits predominately on sandeels so bucktails do the trick.

This past week mike and mike ventured down FINS and found the bunker in very close
to shore. They said the bunker were not thick but were tumbling around in the wash. they fished darters and had a great night that they will remember. They reported about 15 Striped Bass over 20lbs with the largest tipping the scale at a respectable 34lbs. Day trippers on the south shore beaches such as davis park reported a solid day bite of small keeper sized Stripers taking clam on a hi-lo rig.

Ocean fishing can be outrageous.  Find the bunker schools and hugh bass will be close at hand.  Fish in the 40's were not uncommon.  However, Sandeels we're also found to hold many fish too.  Not as easy to spot but a diamond jig can hook you up to some fine fish. 

Fluke fishing has been active in our bays lately, yet this time of the year you will have to pick through some smaller one to find some keepers, don't let the small ones discourage you, Matt from the shop paddled around on his kayak and pulled a solid 4.5lb fluke in moriches  yesterday.

Andy, Jennifer, Cynthia Torre had a great fathers day fluking on the Fish On II. Cynthia (7yrs old)
caught her first fluke with many other keepers in the mix up to 4lbs!

Kingfish have been keeping anglers busy on our local docks. Hi-lo rigs with size #6 hooks tipped with squid or sandworms catch these tasty fish.

Crabbers have had a good week   Patchogue docks have seen some pretty good catches of crabs. Shop regular Larry has been crabbing beaver dam and leaving with at least 20 crabs every time. 

Snapper Blues are very, very small but starting to show.  

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(when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….)
comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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