Summer Action in Full Swing

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If you are looking to get the rod bend at the point in the summer you have some options. Fluke have been 
plentiful in the bays as well as the sound. Some good sized fluke are being picked inbetween these shorts.
Bill Kear fished Moriches bay yesterday and landed himself a nice 7 5/8 pound fluke that he caught on
spearing and weighted in at the shop. The key is to fish a moving tide. You can also increase your catch rate
by trying to drift over structure such as ledges and slopes. The usual baits have all been working well. Spearing, as well as smelts, squid, and gulp baits. Bucktails and plain fluke rigs are both effective. The use of
a teaser can really give yourself a better chance at catching too.

If you are drifting the north shore for fluke and the bite just does not seem to be happening, Porgies are always a great second choice. Finding structure will find you fish. Clam and sandworms are the baits of choice. Double headers are also very common.

If you are in search of bigger prey,Both north and south shores have had a steady pick at blues on bunker chunks as well as tins and topwater plugs. Striped bass has been alittle slower but if you put some time in their are fish to be caught. Clams will catch the most fish during the dogs days of summer. The size of the fish may not be huge but their is a good chance that if you catch one you will catch a few more.

If you are in search of cows, some larger fish do remain on the pods of bunker outside Moriches and Fire Island Inlets. Finding the right pod is what it comes down to.

The snappers are here in our local bays but are but are still small. The good news is that they are just big enough to take a hook with a small spearing on it.  In about a 2 weeks they should be a nice size to catch and eat.

After a long day of work some freshwater fishing may be the right choice. The evenings have been pretty good when targeting largemouth bass. This time of the year the lilly pads are thick,  so using an artificial frog could work well. Soft plastic gary yamamoto works very well. Rigging them weedless would be the best way to go.

Joe O, just sent in a report (with photo, front page) of a Largemouth Bass, 3-2lbs from Swan Lake in Patchogue.  This bucket mouth was taken on a plastic worm.  

Surf Action was very interesting this past week. Sharks dominated alot of the interest this week on beaches
from smiths point all the way to democrat point. Bunker on wire leadered hooks will catch these hard fighting
monsters. some species being caught are the brown shark and even some threshers! along with the
sharks some monster rays were being caught. A customer reported a huge cow nose that he caught at smiths point on bunker.

Don't let the closing of the beaches discourage you, a short walk to the water can offer some oppertunites for some serious fishing. Bluefish are still very aggresive from the south shore
beaches all the way to montauk.  Poppers, tins, and chunks.


Seabass Open's July 15th

Send your reports and photo's to:
don't forget to include, names, location and details 
(when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….)
comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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