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Compaired to last weeks uncomfortably hot weather, this week is more comfortable with temperatures in the 80's. With a slight decerease in temperature I have noticed an increase in fishing productivity. Although the size of bluefish recently has not been anything to talk about, the amount of them is very impressive.  If you find yourself fishing any of the inlets, you will have a good chance of hooking up with a blue.  Don't overlook them. Even the small ones provide an excellent fight. Bunker chunks, tins, and popping plugs all have been working.

Striped bass is a bit slower right now. We still do have high water temperatures. The best time to target bass would be at night when the water is coolest. Bait will outproduce plugs also. The fish are sluggish rigth now and do not want to work much for a meal.Throwing bunker or mackerel chunks as well as clam bellies would all be wise choices.

Moving onto fluke, we have seen an increase in the action for ocean fluking. Shop employee Andy Torre had himself a very nice fluke aboard the Hampton Lady in the ocean a few days back. He was using a bucktail tipped with gulp. He also noted that at some points he was using up to 6 oz bucktails in the ocean. Besides the ocean, the beast is holding some fish as well. Although the keeper ratio may not be as good. 

One thing that has continued to be excellent is the porgy fishing.  This goes for both the north and the south shore ocean wreaks. Sandworms and clams have accounted for all the action and clam chumming will help as well. Mixed in with the porgies are some keeper Sea Bass. The seabass action is not was it was a week or two ago but you can still pick some keeper sized fish to bring home.

Yesterday the shop also sponsored the annual snapper derby down at mascot dock in Patchogue. The action was slow starting  but once the snappers moved in it was very consistent with all catching a few. It was a good turnout and the kids all had a great time Most snappers were around 7 inches with the biggest going about 9 inches.  Spearing was working very well for everyone.  Snapper Poppers and kastmasters also produced som fine fish. While being down as the snapper, I took notice that others were crabbing and were landing themselves some impressive sized crabs. Simple bunker on a string and handtraps were both working well.


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