Open Labor Day For "All Your Fishing Needs"…Snapper Blues and Crabs Continue To Bring Summer Fun

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Snappers- The local rivers, creeks and docks are loaded with these small blues. Everyday they are
growing bigger making them more fun to catch on light tackle. Spearing on a float, snapper poppers
and kastmasters (metal tins) all have been doing good. Dont overlook these fish when nothing else is going on.

Crabbing-Crabbing continues to produce some fine catches.  Traps are doing a little better than nets, however, you can't beet a summers nights crabbing at a local dock with a flashlight and crab net.  Picking the blue claws from pilings are what summers are made for.  Best bet, bunker and mackerel bait.  

fluke fishing has been pretty good in moriches bay but you have to sift through the shorts. For those 
that are in the GSB and dont want to take the hike, the breach is producing some good fluke action. One
customer told us he had 8 keepers one day.  Spearing and Squid will do the trick.

Stripers- With September approaching in a few days we can rest assure that we will start to see some 
cooler air temperatures. Especially at night. These cooler temperatures will start off out 2015 fall run.
Just a quick note. If you are into surf fishing, I reccomend that you attend the The Fisherman surf fishing seminar night, at the Hungington hilton, on September 17th.   We will have a booth at the show, stop by and say hello.
Even though the striper front remains fairly quite, several anglers that have been going out have noticed
the massive amounts of bait sorrounding the island. They have seen peanut bunker, spearing, sand
eels and mullet. This could be very promising for an epic fall run. A few fish can be picked though at
night. The use of a teaser will increase your chances and try to target incomming tides.

Blues- Similar to stripers, blues have been fairly quite as well. We have heard of a decent pick of 1-5lb
fish in both moriches and shinnecock inlet on incomming tides but thats about it. Tins and popping plugs have been doing the work.

Sharks and Rays- Sharks and rays are still the way to go if you are looking to get the rod bent and see
some serious drag screams. Reports have been coming in of both species being landed on the
beach topping 50 pounds. A chunk of bunker or mackeral fished on the bottom will work well.
Remember to use steel leaders and circle hooks when targeting sharks. (Photo: Mike Ida lands a ray using bunker chuck. {Smiths Point County Park} Weight, ???, guess.  I don't think he placed it on a scale)

Porgy- The porgy bite continued to hold strong going into this week. Both shorebound anglers and
boat fishermen are getting their fill. Look for rocky structure or a wrecks. Both sandworms and clams
work great.

Sea bass- The ocassional keeper seabass will be picked along with the numerous porgies while fishing the south shore wrecks and structures.  Clams are what i would use to have a shot at one. Shop regular, Charley had a few decent porgys and a 2 1/4 lb Sea Bass when visiting the North Shore's Middle Grounds on friday.

Offshore-Offshore remain "hot" with catches of Mahi -mahi reported Coimbra wreck.  Canyon trappers are on swordfish and long-fin Albacore.

Here's some facts:  "The Coimbra was World War II's second U-Boat sinking off the eastern seaboard.  Today, the Coimbra still lies in the three sections she was blown into. Her bow is facing east, mid section is leaning to port and her stern rests on its side. The wreck is located 64 miles southeast of Jones Inlet and 78 miles from Manasquan Inlet in180 to 190 feet of water." (

Send your reports and photo's to:

don't forget to include, names, location and details 
(when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….)
comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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