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As we come into the first few days of september, we can only hope for an excellent for run.
It is still too early to tell what will happen but from reports we have been hearing, the massive amounts of bait remain in our areas around the island which will fuel an excellent fall bite. Still most fish being landed remain in the smaller size class. 15"-25" with the occasional borderline keeper mixed in. Plugs such as the Sp minnow, bomber, mag darter, and rebel will work. On certain days, the use of a teaser will help increase your catch rate. Also always try to fish incoming tides because incoming water is always cooler than outgoing water If you would rather use bait, then clams would be an excellent choice.  When you find a school of fish, you get into some decent action. The only consistent method of catching some more quality fish at this time of the year would be to use live eels. My rig of choice would be a 7/0 Gamakatsu "Live Bait" hook with a 3 foot leader consisting of either 60lb test mono or fluorocarbon attached to a quality barrel swivel. This is the setup I used to help me land a quality 30lb fish earlier on this week from Moriches inlet. (Photo above)


Fluke fishing continues to be a constant.  Shinnecock and Moriches bay are producing well.  And there are plenty of keepers mix in with a bunch on shorts.  Keith Loper managed a 30" Fluke, from Moriches bay using squid and spearing.  Nice catch!!  


Blues remain on the smaller side still. Although around this time of the year you can see an
increase in action for them. Inlets will usually hold a decent number of fish. Using topwater plugs, or tins can be very effective. Bunker chunks will work good for those looking to bait fish. I have heard reports of some better teen sized fish being landed in the montauk surf. Daybreak and Sunset would be the best time to try out there. Plan to try and stay for the night tides too. You can pick away at some bass after dark.


Any time you go out for porgies, you are guaranteed some action. Most days you will be going home with a full pail of fish. Shop-boy twon managed to get away from his intense schooling and studies to fish the peconics with Tom. They had themselves a nice mess of jumbo porgies all caught on clam. I should also note that shop-boy landed himself a nice little weakie. while targeting porgies. We should start to see a few of them within the next month or so.

Sea bass-

Sea bass fishing remains ok. Both the sound and ocean wreaks are holding fish. Anywhere
where you would target porgies, you have a shot at some sea bass. If you can find some untapped wrecks in the ocean then you can really hammer them but most of the commonly fished wrecks will only hold a few fish. Clam strips is the bait of choice.


Now almost cocktail blue size, the snappers are providing those going out for them tons
of fun. They are aggressive and feeding heavily now so if throwing lures is your thing then go get them!  Kastmasters, sidewinders, snapper poppers and snappers zappers have been working great. Still if you choose to use the trusty float, hook and snapper bait method then you will catch too.


Blue Claw Crabs remain very active in our area.  Bunker remain an excellent bait.  Traps have been working good but using hand-lines seems to be doing a little better.

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don't forget to include, names, location and details 
(when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….)
comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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