Last chance for Fluke: the season closes Monday 9/21/15. Surf fishing picks up and the bays are full of fish

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Striped Bass- The past few days has seen some wet weather and more significant winds. This has made it hard for the boats to get out. The boats that were able to get out learned that fish are active.  Recent reports have came in that drifting both moriches and shinnecock inlets with eels with give you a decent shot at some teen sized bass. Clam during the day can also yeild some fish up to teen size. If you prefer fishing the surf, you can also find some fish as well. The bay sides of moriches and shinnecock can provide you with a pick of schoolies on sp minnows, bombers and small bucktails. The use of a teaser can help too. Something about 3 inches in profile size. Fishing off the jetty can also be productive at times too. Both sides of the tide fish can be picked on rubber shads and bucktails tipped with pork rinds. 

Bluefish-can be anywhere from cocktail size, up to 10 lbs. They have been found in the same areas as striped bass. Basically anywhere that is holding a decent amount of bait will see some bluefish action too.They are not picky so just about any tin or lure will work.

False Albacore  have made their apearence in our local waters. They usually show up around the end of the jetties blowing up on massive schools of rain bait. The use of a small tin such as a deadly dick or diamond jig can entice one of these hard fighting fish to bite. If you manage to hook up be ready for an exciting fight. They really take line. Especially on light tackle.

Porgies- Anglers have had an excelent oppurtunity for action all summer and it still continues. The north shore, the peconics and south shore wrecks have all held good amounts of scup. Sandworms and clam bothare working very well.

Fluke- action was very good in the ocean up until the recent blow. You can still pick plenty of fish in the bay too. After the ocean settles we will have to just see if the action will pick up where it left off a few days ago. Don't forget, Fluke closes Sept. 21st.  

Crabbing can provide some daytime or evening fun. Crabs are very active this time of year and many large critters are being caught.  Bunker on a string is still your best bet. Remember to bring a strong flashlight.  

Snappers- These aggressive fish are plentyful at most docks and can be taken using a variety of lures or bait.  Spearing is the preferred bait but sand eels does an outstanding job too.  Snapper popper, sidewinders, kastmater lures are only a sample of the tackle that will take a snapper or two.  Ten is the limit and they'll make a tasty meal.  

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