Fall's Smorgasbord of Fishing

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With unfavorable winds most of the week, Striped Bass fishing saw a slight lull in action. Casters were still able to pick away at a few quality fish up to 30 pounds despite the conditions. Sand eels and adult bunker remain a primary baitfish along the south shore. Stretches of beach from 

Shinnecock to Robert Moses can have been seeing good action at any given time. Nothing much has changed from last week reguarding what lures to use.  It would be a good iteam to try to carry at least on of the following in your bag when targeting striped bass right now...tins, bucktails, pencil poppers, darters, minnow style plugs such as a bomber or a sp minnow and a bunker snag. With these things you should have almost every senerio covered. Boat fishermen were also able to pick away at fish through the week. Clam bellies, bunker chunks or eels in the inlet have all been productive. Boats deciding to head into the ocean still are finding luck with the diamond jigs while targeting sand eels schools.

The rumor of some Weakfish have made its way to the shop. Small profile baits used for bass have been catching  weakfish too. Fish have been reported in sizes from 15" up to 7 pounds.

The boats were able to hit the wrecks for some decent tog fishing. Green crabs are doing well. The north shore is seeing some decent tog fishing too. The key is to find structure and you will most likely see some action.

Breaking News….Freshwater Report from Joe O
Hey John Joe O here.   Freshwater has picked up tremendously this week.  This morning I fished for about 4 hours at west lake made out with 2 nice size 14 inch brown trout as well as a few nice size perch.   These perch have must  been eating good this past summer Cuz they had some nice belly fat on them.   Also saw lots of trout jumping.   Some that I saw jumping out were at least 2 pounds.  Monday I will also try one last time for largemouth, before the season ends


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