September Update • Albies Strike • Still time For Fluke • Weakfish Return • Easy Snapper Recipe

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With the cooler weather and cooling water temperatures things have started to pick up along the souths shore inlets, beaches and bays.  Striped Bass reported from Shinnecock, Moriches and Fire Island inlets with reports of Bass being landed off the beach in the Davis park area as well.

In the Great South Bay there has been a surprising run of Weakfish in the last few weeks. Drifting and slow jigging a small tubeless single hook diamond jig tipped with either squid strips or spearing has been very effective with some anglers having success with Gulp as well.

Fluke have been mixed in with the weakfish "tide-runners" as well using this method. Many of the Fluke fisherman are landing some impressive keepers. Most of the south shore action is from Shinnecock bay to Moriches bay.  Keep in mind Fluke Season is still OPEN till October 9th.

Albies are in full force at the south shore inlets. Consistent action on the incoming tides has let to some good fishing. The hot lures of the week have been Shimano Coltsniper jigs Deadly Dicks,  Joe Baggs Resin Jigs,

Pablo was at the east side of Shinecock Inlet  and reported both albies and bass. Albies have been seen in the inlets in the morning and have been hitting both epoxy jigs and deadly dicks.

At the Local Docks from Shinnecock to Sayville, reports of large snapper blues.  A few weakfish in the mix too. 

If you enjoy crabbing, try and get down to the docks at least one more time. They are still around and are rather big this time of the year. Patchogue's Mascot Dock Pine Neck Dock and Bluepoint ( Corey Beach) are all good ones to try out.

Easy Snapper Recipe:
Snappers are a tasty fish and are best prepared using simple ingredients. Snappers around 10"s are the perfect size to cook. After gutting the fish remove the head and tail then scale the fish. Wrap in tin foil with a pat of butter or olive oil and seasoned with a small amount of Garlic Powder (NOT Garlic Salt) and a small slice of lemon. Cook on your BBQ grill for about 5-6 minutes at high heat flipping the wrapped tin foil packet half way through. Adobe seasoning, Old Bay or any of your favorite seasonings can be substituted for the Garlic powder, remember less is more with this recipe you don’t want to overpower the taste of the fish.

Plenty of cocktail blues down at the inlets as well. They have actively been feeding on mullet. small tins , YO-ZURI mag darters and kastmasters have all been working well. Some schoolies bass have been in the mix too. TACKLE TIP: Try using a bucktail to get down under the blues for some of those bass.

Don't overlook the possibility of catching some large porgies down at the inlet. They have mainly been taking sandworms and clam. These are some of the largest ones ive seen the whole year. The North Shore is still loaded with them also. A little bit smaller but many around. They have been less picky, taking clam, sandworms and squid.

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Fall surf fishing picks:
Ive seen quite a few different types of baitfish in the surf this year throughout my fishing trips. Usually this can be a good sign for the fall ahead. One of the baits ive seen filled in the bays has been sandeels. With sandeels around we could most definitely bank on some good fall fishing as far as action goes. When I know sandeels are in the water ill throw thin profile baits such as ava jigs, thin profile Charlie Graves  tins and super strike needlefish.


What's the difference between a darter and a bottle plug. Get ready for the fall run!!!

Another exciting fall baitfish that we can possibly see this year is bunker. These fish have a tendency to move at times but if you can find them you have a shot at some large stripers. when trying to match a profile of bunker ill cast darters, bottle plugs, and large poppers. Usually I find the colors yellow and white to be most productive with this. TIP: On the south shore of long island look for the "north winds." Bunker tend to head straight into the wind so that would end up putting them on out south shore beaches.


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Reminder the fall Blackfish season opens  on October 11th for the north shore and the 15th for the south shore.  The shop will be fully stocked with Blackfish Jigs, Rigs, Hooks and Green Crabs.

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Pablo, Alberto, Zeppi and Matt at
“The Fisherman’s” Surf Seminar. 9/22/22


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