Boat anglers have reported decent catches of schoolies...Freshwater is still another great option right now...Easy Striped Bass Recipe.

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Striped Bass- With the season officially underway Striped Bass fishing out west has started to improve with the fish slowly working there way east. As stated previously in earlier reports swim baits like Mag Darters, SP Minnows and Redfins have been the lures of choice from the shore with Clam and Bunker Chunks working for the bait guys.

Boat anglers have reported decent catches of schoolies as well as keepers out of Jones inlet and in the Western Sound. With the weather finally showing signs of improving, a couple of warmer sunny days and increasing water temperature should really turn things on. There have been reports of Bunker in the bays so it will only be a matter of time for Striped Bass as well as Bluefish to follow. Keep in mind that the best fishing report is the one that you go out and make yourself!

On the “bottom fishing” front: Flounder reports,, from the south shore bays, have been encouraging with some sharpies able to get their 2 fish limit. Sandworms have been the bait of choice with heavy chumming with bank mussels being the key to success. Their is still a few days left to this years spring Blackfish season (closes April 30th) and the Fish are finally coming around. Structure is the key with Clam baits working best at this time of year. Keep in mind the Spring season has a 2 fish 16 inch limit. Remember Porgy season opens May 1st (30 fish with a 9 inch limit)and Fluke season opens May 4th (4 fish with a 19 inch limit).

Freshwater is still another great option right now. Lakes are fully stocked with Rainbow and Brown trout. Small lures like kastmasters, thomas, blue fox and phoebe have all been catching. Dunking a nightcrawler or trout worm under a float can do an great job catching fish too. Besides just the trout wandering the lakes you can also find active Largemouth prowling the shorelines.

Largemouth Bass is "catch and release" only until April 30th. The season then closes through June 1st and opens on June 2nd. Live shiners are a great bait to use for targeting them. The lakes are still a little chilly so warmer sunny days always help.

Don't underestimate the White Perch fishery. It's still active and plenty of action. Locally Carmens river is a productive area. Shad darts, small curly tail lures or nightcrawlers are all fine.

On the surf fishing scene: 
Ive been getting confirmed reports of Striped Bass moving from west to east. A lot of schoolies but some keepers have been mixed in. If you enjoy sitting back and throwing bait, clams are the bait of choice. We also have been getting some very nice "bass worms" in too that are great to use when targeting early spring bass. Plugs are another effective method. Sp Minnows, Mag darters and redfins are all good for this time of the year.

Easy Striped Bass Recipe- Trim 2 lbs. of Striped Bass filets removing all dark meat. Cut into 1 inch chunks and saute in olive oil and a teaspoon of crushed garlic until opaque. Add 2 cans of White clam sauce cook at medium heat for about 20 minutes stirring occasionally. Add 1 dozen medium peeled and deveined raw shrimp and cook until the shrimp are pink. Serve over linquine with grated parmesean cheese and crushed red pepper.

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