Breaking News...Big Bass!!!!...Seabass Opens...Blue Claw Crabs Are In

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Striped Bass fishing is HOT🔥.  Fishing  Fire Island, Moriches and Shinnecock inlets has been steady. Clams have produced well during the day providing plenty of action with smaller fish and an occasional keeper. Drifting the inlets with Bunker has also worked well with most fish being in the teens or better. The "Cow Bass" have come from outside the inlets fishing the Bunker pods. Fish have weighed-in from 20-40+lbs., with some Patchogue Locals landing a few fish over 50lb fish.   At night try using live eels. Weather drifting on a boat or casting from shore, eels are also an effective bait for keeper bass.

Rob Krum  from Blue Point  44lb Bass

Patchogue Local "Chick" w/ 32lb Bass-Moriches inlet

Bluefish have really thinned out but they're still some around. Try throwing some metal tins (A17 or Hopkins lure) or poppers (Super Strike or Tsunami popper) . Tip: Birds feeding on bait are a good indicator that there are blues around or possible bass too.

Fluke fishing has been steady, with the bays producing some quality fish on Bucktails tipped with Squid Strips, Spearing or Gulp. Sometimes you can "mix it up" with a combination of each working very well with surprising results.
With parts of the bay effected by a "brownish tide" its best to stay closer to the inlets or the “Bellport bay breach" and fish cleaner water. Fishing outside the inlets has been hit or miss for Fluke, with Seabass opening on the 23rd of June we should get a better feel for the ocean Fluke fishing with more boats headed offshore.

Porgies have been the one consistent producer this entire season in the Peconic’s and the North Shore. Whether fishing from a boat or the shore, anglers have had some fine catches. With loads of action this spring; anglers have been able to be choosy with the fish they decide to keep. Prediction: Entering the summer months, Fishing will remain consistent but the fish may start to be a little smaller size. Sandworms and Fresh Clam are the baits of choice but squid has also produced consistently. Tubes of Clam chum (when fishing off of a boat) are always helpful in keeping the fish around.

Seabass opened on June 23rd. With the amount and quality of fish caught and released this past spring,  this should be a pretty good opening week. The shop is well stocked with Seabass tackle and all your necessary bait. As the reports start coming in we'll pass them along.

Weakfish reports have been sporadic, this is probably due to other species being targeted. The fish are there with some real nice fish in the 6 lb+ range being caught in the Peconic’s and along the south shore. Tip: Try using a pink rubber shad tipped with a whole Sandworm or large Squid Strip fished on a Hi-Lo rig. 

Last week we had our first reports of Blue Claw Crabs in some of the local creeks. We have had a few more reports of Crabs now being caught off of some of the local area docks. Try  Patchogue's Mascot Dock  and use a hand trap baited with Bunker, this is a pretty good way to capture these tasty critters.

Freshwater Report
The local ponds have been producing a decent amount of Largemouth Bass and Pickerel. Largemouth Bass have been active at first light hitting a variety of lures. Tip:Using top water plugs on calm days is one of my favorite.
At sunrise, try fishing the lily pads and overhanging brush. Best to use a rubber worm hooked weedless (Texas style) or a weedless frog. If you're trolling the lake, try a jointed Rapala for Pickerel and Bass.
Want to use bait? Both Bass and Pickerel have been hitting on live Shiners. This bait is best used with a float or weightless hook.
Trout and Panfish have also been active and hitting on nightcrawler’s. Here too, using a nightcrawler on a #6 hook and a float will produce some fine results. Small spinners such as a #1 "Bluefox Vibrax Lure" have also worked.
Carp fishing is an exciting freshwater fish to target. This is a pretty simple set-up. Bread, corn or nightcrawler are all good baits. Use a #2 hook and a small weight (like a split shot) fished on the bottom will put you in range for fish from 5-50lb Carp!!

Surf Fishing Report
This weeks action was at Smith Point County Park . The areas around the inlets, both off the jetties and from beach, have been productive. Guys using bait have done well with Fresh Clams and Bunker Chunks during the day and Live Eels at night. Bucktail Jigs fished with a Fat Cow Jig Strips (white or red), SP Minnows, Super Strike Darters or Needlefish have also been working. If you're fishing the bayside of Smith Point, there are small Bluefish and plenty of "schoolie" bass around. Heading east; There have also been reports of a few weakfish caught off the beach in Peconic’s Bay and plenty of porgies to keep you busy. Locals have also reported that they caught several blowfish too. Always a nice treat. 

Ron's Recipes...SEA BASS CERVICHE- Cut boneless skinless Sea Bass Fillets into small pieces, smaller then a dime, make sure that you have removed all of the bones. Put in a glass or ceramic bowl. Squeeze the juice of 8-10 fresh limes on the fish making sure that the meat is covered. Cover the bowl with plastic or wax paper and refrigerate over night. The acid from the lime juice will esentially cook the fish. The next day add one chopped Red Onion, one chopped Yellow Pepper, one chopped Orange Pepper, half a can of drained Diced Tomato's and a table spoon of fresh chopped Cilantro. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and refrigerate for another 2-3 hours. Drain off any excess lime juice and serve with Crackers. You can substitute either Striped Bass or Fluke with this recipe. See all of Ron's Recipes

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