Columbus Day Fishing Forecast • Blackfish Season Starts Soon....More.....Weakfish-Bluefish-Seabass And Trout Too

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Hey guys Andrea here with this weeks fishing report and the outlook for Columbus weekend Fishing forecast. The action has been hot, with a variety of Opportunities available right now if you want to switch some things up. In the bay anglers are enjoying the excellent mixed bag action with weakfish, striped bass and bluefish. Anglers are going near bridges and the local piers to connect with with some good catches. Around the bridges like  Robert Moses State Park and Smith Point County Park , small schoolie bass and cocktail blues are active on both the daytime and the night time tides. All are being caught with a variety of lures like swimshads, small bucktails, swimming plugs and diamond jigs. The weakfish are being picked in between the bass and blues for those fishing the night time tides. Most are are being caught on small swimshads and finess plastics lures. For those fishing bait, they are doing well with clam and bunker chunks fished on a sliding fish finder rigs.

Great South Bay
Guys fishing on their boats in the bay are going toward the inlets and drifting the channel edges to catch bass and weakfish. In the inlet they are clam chumming and doing well. Anglers are also Anchoring up in the bay near mussel beds or deep holes and are fishing clam and bunker chunks to catch both bass, blues and weakfish. There are also alot of blowfish still in the bay, that are pecking at anglers baits intended for bass and blues, so bringing along some small hooks or porgy rigs, it could save a day of slow fishing and blowfish are really good to eat.

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Ocean Report
In the ocean, the reefs are still good for those who could get out. The hard winds we had this week made it difficult for most to go out and fish the wreaks. But if you can get there the seabass and ling are waiting. They are both being caught with hi low rigs, either tipped with clam or squid. The shop has green crabs right now and they are great jumbo seabass baits so it's not a bad idea to take some along if you go out this week. Also on the reefs and wrecks, there is the presence of false albacore and small bluefin tuna. If you come across these little torpedo's, plain hook diamond jigs and epoxy jigs, jigged through the water column or casted can help you hook up.

Surf Report
In the surf the action was hot before the hard winds came from the south and dirtied up the beach front. There was good catches of bass and bluefish along the south shore inlets and sand beaches. I fished with Matthew Broderick the new managing editor of the fisherman magazine, both got on a hot bite of quality bass between high teen size bass up to forty pounds. All caught on poppers and needlefish plugs. Im hoping these fish comeback for another round of excellent fishing. But in the mean time those who are hitting the local beaches are doing well with bass buy throwing, a variety of lures like diamond jigs, bucktails, needlefish and swimming plugs.

More On The Surf
This years Albie run has been strong with fish hitting small tins like Deadly Dick's casting them off the south shore inlets. The schools (when not broken up by the boat traffic) will work there way back and forth along the jetties and within casting range. Be patient and let the fish come to you.

Breaking News......Anglers have reported lots of bait in the surf including huge schools of sand eels that the Bass and Blues have been targeting. Casting a tin with a green tube or bucktail has been providing steady action on some smaller Bass and Blues. Bait fishing with clam or bunker chunks has also worked with some Bass in the teens being landed. There have been a few reports of fish being landed on live and rigged Eels at night in the Shinecock Inlet  and Moriches areas as well. 

The action at the Patchogue's Mascot Dock  and local creeks has still provided plenty of action with some really nice sized Snappers and Blue Claw Crabs. This year has been the best in the last few years on both so take advantage before it ends.

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Freshwater Report
October is a great month to get in on some of the best Largemouth Bass fishing of the season. The fish will all be on the feed getting ready for the winter months, so the time to fish is now! The fish will generally be active throughout the day but early morning and evenings are best. Artificial lures are a great way to get in on the fall action, so if "cast and crank" is your thing then swimbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits will all get attention. 
Top water is also an option but this works better on the warmer days of fall. If you are willing to "bait and wait" then you cant beat a large live shiner fished on a float rig. Don't be surprised if you hook into a gator pickerel, jumbo perch or  crappie while trying your luck for largemouth. The panfish like blueguills, pumkinseeds and perch are also still active and they can't pass up a nighcrawler suspended under a float. Small plastic grubs, hair jigs and trout magnets will also produce very well too. 

The Connetquot River State Park  has been great, with anglers averaging half a dozen or more trout per outing. They have been taking dry flies, nymphs and streamers like woolybugers and epoxy bait fish (yup. that's a fly too). These fish are seeing less pressure this time of year being most of the crowed is targeting saltwater species of fish.

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