Don't Forget Dad-Sunday June 17th-"Take a Dad Fishing" it's a journey worth taking

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Bluefish have slowed down a little from the torrid start that we experienced a past few weeks ago but they are still around the inlets and bays in abundance.   The fish seem to be running a little smaller, as compared to the 15 lb. gorillas that reeked havoc on your tackle in the early spring.

Using Bunker or Mackerel chunks on a bottom rig or casting tins or poppers (when working the birds) will also get you fish. 

Tip: In the heat of the action be mindful of those teeth, especially when fishing with young or novice anglers.  Being careless can ruin a great days fishing.

Striped Bass action really heated up this past week with a good run of fish showing up around the Inlets. Plenty of shorts with a good pick of keepers mixed in. Both shore and boat anglers fishing bait have had success using either Clams, fresh or frozen Bunker. Bunker has accounted for the bigger fish.  Bunker cut into chunks or drifted whole will produce very well.  

Casting Plugs or swim baits, have also scored some fine fish too.  Tip: When fishing at night, slowly work a jig or bucktail with a Fat Cow Jig Strip.

Fluke fishing seems to be picking up in both quality and quantity. Some double digit fish have been reported on the east end with local action around the bays and inlets. Tip: Light Jigs in the shallows continue to be effective on the south shore.  The first hour before and the first hour after the high tide seems to be most effective.

Spearing and squid strips or Gulp have all been effective.  with whole small Squid landing the bigger fish.  This method is especially effective outside the inlets. We are still hearing of some nice fish in the 70+ feet of water range.  This method is also true when fishing the deeper spots of the north shore. 

Porgy Fishing remains strong on the north shore and in the Peconic's with both boat and shore anglers enjoying a banner spring season. Sandworms and Clams have both worked well with squid pieces also being productive. 

Tip: If you try fishing a spot that does not seem productive, try drifting until you locate a pod of fish. Tip: using frozen tubes of chum, when at anchor, should now keep the action fast and furious. 

Remember, even though the limits on Porgy's are  at 30 fish per angler it pays to be a little picky with the amount of fish around. you'll be surprised at the amount of quality fish you can bring home if you cull through the smaller ones. One note of interest, anglers have been catching and releasing some giant Sea Bass. it looks like the upcoming opener on June 23rd should be a solid one.

Weakfishing has been good in the Peconic's and on the south shore, with a solid "late-spring" showing of some larger fish. Tide and drift is always the key when weakfishing.   Tip: An early start before the sun gets high and the boat traffic picks up being key. Try using whole sandworms fished on a hi-lo rig with the least amount of weight possible.  long strips of squid fished in this manner will also work. The limit on weakfish is one fish per angler at 16".

If your Surf Fishing, try Shinnecock Inlet.  Both sides were very productive this week.  Plenty of bass for the taking. Plugs are doing well but bunker was doing best.

Tip: If possible, tossing an unweighted chunk of bunker can produce some fine fish.  Yes, Keepers!! You need the right conditions to use this method (slow tide and mild winds) but the action is impressive.

If youre a purist, Super Strike Casting Swimmers, SP Minnows and Bucktails, tipped with a "Fat Cow" strip (The new pork rind) have also been producing some incredible action.

Freshwater continues to be active.  Pickerel reported at Carmans River, Trout at West Lake and Large Mouth Bass at Patchogue’s Mill Pond (AKA Great Patchogue Lake )

Live shiners are a very productive bait for many of these freshwater species.  Nightcrawlers are also a great bait for the many varieties of panfish also found through out the many lakes and ponds found on Long Island.

Click Here: More about Carmans River fishing

Lets not forget Dad-Sunday June 17th.  "Take a Dad Fishing" it's a journey worth taking

Easy Porgy on the Grill- Porgy's have a mild, flaky, white fillet and are great prepared with this simple quick recipe. Use larger fish that you can fillet. Leave the skin on making sure that
you remove all bones. Place the skin side directly on the grill grates. Drizzle Olive Oil on the fillets then add a small amount of your seasoning of choice; Old Bay, Adobo, Lemon-Pepper etc.
Close the lid of the grill and cook at a high heat until the fillets appear flaky and white , about 3-4 minutes. The meat will come right off of the skin with a fork. Using freshly caught fish, not frozen, is always best. One quick tip, spray the grill grates with cooking oil. This will keep the fillets from sticking to the grill.

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Don't forget to include, names, location and details 
(when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….)
comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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