End of Year Wrap-up '2017

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Most anglers have hung the rods up for year at this point. The few that are still trying...your efforts are not in vain. PLENTY of small Stripers to go around for anyone willing. The stretches of sand between Shinnecock and Fins are great to try. The season itself balanced out to be about average. We had some exceptional fishing on the north fork of the island at one point. As many Bass, Blues and Albies as you could of wanted. Some schools of larger sized fish
made way down the beach and hit sports in Moriches and Fire Island. We had a bit of a lull at some point but it sparked back up again with big blues and as many schoolie bass as you could of wanted with the occasional keeper mixed in. Day and nighttime fishing were both hot at some times. The Patchogue locals also cashed in on a quick stint of fish lingering off docks in the local area. It was even nice to see the return of some weakfish in the great south bay this year. Just outside the Patchogue river a few anglers managed some nice weakfish.
The fluking the season could be called decent. Nothing spectacular but consistent picks at fish when you got on the pattern. One thing that may of hurt the fluke fishing was the influx of sea robins that entered the bays this summer. At some points it was very hard to present a bait to a fluke before an aggressive sea robin took a hold of it.

Bottom fishing on the other hand gave boat anglers some really fun action. Porgies and Seabass kept the rods bent throughout the season. No doubt a

good way to put some fillets in the fridge. Blackfish season has another few weeks left until it closes and we have had some good fishing so far. Plenty of fish around with some large mixed in too.

Looking forward we still have some good cod fishing coming up as well as some spectacular December Sea Bass-ing. Plenty of great Party and charter boats working the fishing grounds to the east and west of us these next few months.

The Connetquot state park also made a nice comeback this year. They are doing a nice job keeping all the beats very fishy for fly fishermen to take advantage of.
This is something to look into over the winter if cabin fever starts to take over. We have all the fly fishing needs to get you right into the action. Also as a reminder West lake has been stocked twice this Fall with many brown trout. Not many people have been going down to try for them so they are still very active and will respond to lures and bait used in the lake.

One last thing you can try your luck at in the months coming up is herring fishing. Very easy to do. Almost all the north shore harbors get filled with schools of herring starting about now. Use a sibiki rig with a small weight on the end of it. Just jig up and down in one place until the school finds your rig. Triple headers are not uncommon. This can be exciting and fast paced fishing at times.

As far as shows go we will be attending several this winter. Next week, December 2nd we will be at the surfcasters journal holiday flea market at Hofstra Collage. After that is Striper Day on January 13th once again hosted by SJ, which I will be conducting a small seminar in one of the speaking rooms. The 2 day Federation show will take place in Febuary on Presidents Day Weekend followed by the Ward Melville fishing show on May 3rd. Last but not least is the Local Patchogue show right up the block from the shop. These shows all offer great deals, speakers and a fun time during a quite part of the year. Don’t forget to stop by our booth and say hi to the crew. Hope to see you all!


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