Fall Fishing is Fantastic AND Last Chance For Fluke- Ends Thursday 21st

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With water temperatures dropping. Stripers have been active at the south shore inlets. Fire island, Moriches and Shinnecock are all seeing activity. During the day, drifting clam bellies or bunker can be very effective. By night you would want to switch over to live eels for best results. Planing a charter? Note: the evening tides are producing larger fish.

Bluefish are a fall favorite for many anglers. Easy to catch and fun for the whole family. Blues have been around in the early am and dusk. A “tin lure” like a 007 or A17, is always a good choice. Either in a boat or off the shore, try a popping plug on your next fishing trip and you may be surprised what you catch. Weakfish and Striped Bass find that lure to be very appealing. An exciting way to fish for many of these "game fish." Super Strike or a creek Chub lure are two favorites.

Surfcasters are seeing some more activity with Bass too. Inlets are producing better than the open beach.  bucktails and swim shads are the lures of choice. The beach anglers are using sp minnows, mag darters and super strike darters. Back bays behind the inlets have been productive too. Here Smaller sized plugs are a better choice. Using a teaser can help get more hits.  

False albacore (Albies) are still around the inlets.  Deadly Dicks are a fine lure to catch these mini tuna torpedoes. Are they fine eating? NO!!!! It's a kitty cat delicacy. But, Fun to catch on light tackle.

Either in a boat or off the shore, try a popping plug on your next fishing trip and you may be surprised what you catch.  Weakfish and Striped Bass find that lure to be very appealing.  An exciting way to fish for many of these "Game Fish." Super Strike or a Creek Chub lure are two favorites.

This is the final few days for Fluke and it can be some of the best. Fluke ends at Midnight on Thursday Sept 21st.  Unfortunately, the ocean  waves won't cooperate but the target area this past week was 50-80 feet of water and the action was hot. Large baits can be used to target a doormat. Whole squid, mullet, smelts or bluefish strips are all excellent baits for trophy sized fluke. The bays in Shinnecock and Moriches can still be great late season shot when searching for Fluke. Gulp, as well as squid and  spearing are good choices. Put these baits on a bucktail or your favorite Fluke rig for best results.

Porgies and Sea Bass have been fairly active on the Wrecks. Pieces of clam
fished on the reefs off Moriches or Shinnecock can give you good results. On the north shore,  rock piles off of Port Jeff all the way out to Orient can produce greater numbers and larger sized fish. Using a hi-low rig is a fine method to catch these fall favorites. The rocks at both Shinnecock and Moriches also producing some fine catches of Porgies. Some are topping the 2lb mark!!  A small piece of clam or sandworm a few feet off the rocks is the targeted area for some great fall action.

Snappers still continue to be very active at the docks. Mascot, Pine Neck and Blue Point are all great docks to try out. Snapper bait fished under a float can be deadly with the snappers. If you prefer casting and reeling then you should try a small kastmaster or snapper popper. Sidewinder or Johnson Sprites are great lures to use as well. Snappers are growing daily and some I would call cocktail blues.

AND Don’t forget Blue Claw Crabs.  They are fattening up for the winter hibernation and are full of sweet meat.  Traps (bait with bunker) work best but you can still walk the docks with a net.  





Weakfish have made a showing in the Great South bay. Sandworms  fished on a 007 is a proven way to catch them. Any sort of soft plastic fished on a small jighead can be effective too. Look out for drop offs along the bottom, these are
areas that Weakfish congregate and weakfish will lay in wait for their prey. Super angler and Patchogue local, Mark Wrobleski, weighed in a nice Weakfish on Thursday that tipped the scales at 5-1/2lbs. Ohhh yeah, he also caught a 2lb porgy!!

Zeppi's adventures at West lake proved to be a true experience.   First, he drop his wallet in the lake, If found please return.  Then after the loss, he returned to fishing and decided  to toss a "weedless frog lure" and ended up with a 8lb log (not a Bass a real log).  For Zeppi that's a prize to be mounted.  Fortunately the action increased when using live shiners.  Bass to 3lbs and a bunch of Bluegills and Perch were for the taking. Nightcrawlers are also productive on these panfish.










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