Fall Fishing Starts • Fluke Fishing Ends Soon • Weakfish- Blues And Albies Abound

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The cool nights  are helping bring down the warmer water temperatures. This has been helping stripers become more active. If you are able to find some good structure with good currents then there is a improved chance that some fish are lurking around. With all the bait in the water you can find them feeding well. Bunker chunks, clam bellies and live snappers can all yeild fish.  Shinnecock Inlet to Robert Moses State Park can have been seeing good action at any given time.If you enjoy throwing lures more then I would go with an SP Minnow, Joe Baggs Swarters, Darter,  Needle Fish. All these lures do an excellent job at copying the baitfish that are in our water right now.

Boat fishermen were also able to pick away at fish through the week.  Clam Belly’s can be drifted during the day and eels can be drifted at night for good results.

"...tins, bucktails, pencil poppers, darters, minnow style plugs such as a bomber or a sp minnow a.....ll these lures do an excellent job at copying the baitfish that are in our water right now."  

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Cocktail Blues have been fairly active in all the inlets spread along the south shore. Diamond jigs and bucktails are the best methods for catching.

False albacore (Albie’s) have invaded Moriches and Shinnecock, crashing on whitebait. Small profile lures are key to getting a hookup. Try a small “Deadly Dick Lures”, Charlie Graves Lures  or "Joe Baggs epoxy jig.

It seems that the incoming tides has been more productive than the outgoing. Patchogue Local’s were able to beach several of these Albie’s from the rocks of Shinnecock last week.

Montauk is still home to a lot of schoolie sized bass with a larger one coming up once in a while. Bucktails and small swimming lures, fished after dark, are doing producing most of the action. In Montauk the blues can be found along the north side. These “choppers” are all over topwater lures (popping plugs.) Lots of action!!!

The last weeks of Fluke Season (ends Sept. 30th) are now coming up. If you have not had your fill yet..... there is still time. The final fall fishing for Fluke can be exceptional. Fish can be found from Shinneck inlet to Moriches Narrow bays and even off the local docks.  Squid and spearing are a fine bait.  

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Moriches and Shinnecock bay are other good location to try for Fluke. Patchogue Locals fished west of the bridge with squid and spearing for a couple of Fluke reaching the 25" mark.

The Patchogue locals, fishing the open beach at Smith Point County Park  produced Fluke from the shore. Several were landed and measured 28.”  

Porgies (Scup) are consistently active off the north shore. Try areas like Wildwood State ParkRocky Point, Mt Sinai, and Wading River.  Rocky areas are always best and will hold the most fish. Baits of choice include sandworms, squid or clam necks. Hi-Low rigs are usually best for Scup . The jetties at the south shore inlets have porgies close into the rocks. Try using a lighter sinker to avoid less hangups in the rocks. Same baits will do the trick. #1, #2 or #4 size hooks will do fine.

South shore Sea Bass have been on the Artificial Reefs are are holding the bulk of these fish. Patchogue Locals had a couple of keeper sized fish off Moriches during the week. Clam or squid will do the trick. Sea bass have a large mouth so a #1/0 hook is fine to use.

As reported in the past -Don't be surprised at the variety you get when targeting Sea Bass, a recent report from outside Shinnecock inlet, had anglers landing Triggerfish, Porgies, Ling, CodWhiting and Fluke.

Snappers have been in thick at all the Local Docks. Blue point was reported to have had some excellent fishing. Pine Neck Dock has also been another good place to try out.  Spearing fished under a float is one good way to catch them. Another is small "kastmasters or sidewinders lures"  retrieved in with the occasional twitch of the lure. Also, this past week anglers are pleased and surprised to catch Fluke and Weakfish too at the local docks.  Some great catches on spearing and squid. 

Locals have reported Crabbing is very good. Reports that they were vicious and taking the snapper bait off his hook on every cast. Traps baited with bunker would be a great way to catch these guys. Or, walk the docks with a crab net in hand for some fast paced action. Fall is a great time to go crabbing. They’re getting bigger and loaded with sweet meat. 

Our local Freshwater lakes active with Large Mouth Bass. Patchogue Locals have been using live shiners. Fishing them under a float around the edges of Lilly pads can be absolutely deadly


Fishing the lakes is always a safe bet this time of the year. A dozen worms, a float and a hook are all you need to catch fish. Species being caught are Panfish, Perch, and Largemouth Bass. The bass are also more than willing to engulf a soft plastic if offered to them.


Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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