Fall has arrived!! and The Fish Are On The Move

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Fall has arrived!! and The Fish Are On The Move

Blackfish Opens October 5th

Snappers are still around at the docs. Very large in size now. Usual snapper poppers, small tins and spearing are all perfect to use. Get your last shot in with
 them. They will be leaving soon.

Kingfish have made a nice showing along the south shore. Small pieces of squid or clam necks have been perfect for catching them. Zeppi from the shop fished Patchogue dock and had a couple this past week.

We are now coming up on the prime of the Striped Bass season. Waters temperatures have been warm but it looks like they will be cooling down this week. This could be just what is needed to get some bait moving and stripers feeding. Last minute preparations should be made now. For inlets, load yourself up with bucktails in various sizes. White is always a good choice in color when indecisive. Weighted rubber shads and soft plastics are another good alternative. For the beach the list of lures is even longer. One deciding factor is the dominant bait that will be in our local area.  Sp Minnows, Mag Darters, all Super Strike lures, Northbar Plugs, Bombers, Tins...The list goes on. All have a time and place. The past few years its been peanut and slightly larger sized bunker.

Some anglers did get out this week:  Andy from the shop also managed some bass along the south shore earlier in the week . He said he was fishing deep in the bay. Patchogue locals have also reported a few bass and blues too.

As far as recent reports for bass go, its been slim. This can be due to the high surf and surges all long the south shore from hurricane Maria. However,  reports of blitzes have been popping up along the north shore of the island though. Schoolie sized bass have been harassing white bait. Small tins would do the trick in persuading these fish to hit.  The north shore has been full of Bluefish action. Most of the fish are under 5lbs but on light tackle its still a lot of fun to target these fish. Most rocky area along the sound have been the areas of these fish blitzing. Small tins have been out fishing topwater lures.

Albies did not make a showing at the inlets this week. The bulk of the Albie reports have come from the north shore. Small baits have attracted them to that area. Any sort of small tin will be perfect for going after these hard fighters. 

The boats along the south shore couldn’t make it out of the inlets due to the large ocean swell. The wrecks were untouched for this entire week. As soon as the seas clam down we should see some good fishing off the ocean structure along the south shore. The north shore on the other hand remained fishable. Mostly Porgy action and Sea Bass can be found mixed in with them. Sandworm and clam neck are great baits.

Freshwater continues to be very active. Perch, Bluegills LM Bass and even some "hold over" trout have been taken from local lakes.  Nightcrawlers are doing a fine job catching a variety of fish. However, if you’re looking for larger fish you may want to try some live shiners

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