Memorial Day Weekend Fishing Forcast • Grilled Striped Bass Recipe • Anglers Report A Mixed Bag Of Activity From Through-Out The Island

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Week In Review-Fishing Forecast:  Over the past week, anglers have reported a mixed bag of activity from through-out the Island.  Blowfish at Jones Beach (and other south shore docks too) , Porgies in Peconic Bay, Bluefish and Sea robins at the local Patchogue docks.  Weakfish catches are surprisingly lively too. Many anglers fishing  from Ocean Beach, Peconic Bays and Great South Bay have all produced weakfish.  Striped Bass catches have been reported from south shore inlets and back bays .  North Shore anglers have also produced some quality fish too.  Bass are ranging from "schoolies" to "chunky" fish in the 20lb Plus range. And, Fluke fishing has produced quality catches from Moriches and Fire Island inlets as well as the eastern shore of Peconic Bays.

Frank DePalma weighed a nice Weakfish into the shop on Wednesday. It brought the scale down to 6 pounds and 4 ounces and was taken from the Ocean Beach area on a sandworm. Zeppi from the shop also noted that he saw a surfcaster catch and release a Weakfish from the surf on the eastern end of the island.

Not much has changed with the bluefish other than a decent shot of fish on Smith Point County Park . There are still some scattered reports along our South Shore. Bunker chunks are picking fish by the docks and bridge. If you want to throw lures try Diamond Jigs and Topwater Poppers. Super Strikes cast a country mile and throw a lot of water.

Striped Bass fishing has been solid with a nice mix of schoolies and some teen sized fish that have recently rolled in. Pablo from the shop has been doing well around the Smiths Point Bridge using Bass-Assassins, Mag Darters and SP Minnows. Most back bay areas around the inlets are doing well. I like to fish the last of the incoming and the first of the dropping tide. Most of the larger fish are feeding on bunker, so carrying a few snags can pay off. It will be hard for a large sized bass to resist a fresh chunk of bunker.

Fluke fishing stayed decent in the bay this week. Shorts to keeper ratio is still hight but there is plenty of action. Most of the fish are taking squid and spearing combos drifted on the bottom. Gulp has been attracting more sea robins but is still picking fluke in-between. For some bigger sized fish try to make your way to the Peconics. The fish in the Peconics this time of the year are always larger.

Fishing for Porgy's has been hot. Once again, if you want quality and quantity head to the Peconics. A lot of people are having no trouble reaching a limit. Chumming will help extend a bite and keep the fish in your area longer. Clams and sandworms are the bait of choice being used right now.

Richard Greco -White perch 2lb 3oz 

The local lakes have been active with bluegills and perch. Nightcrawler are the primary bait fished with a small float. If you don't want to use bait, small hair jigs and plastics are also great alternatives. Walleye fisherman Joe Wolf have produced some impressive catches from Lake Ronkonkoma.  Check out this photos.                             Joe Wolf  2lb 4oz Walleye


Grilled Striped Bass Recipe for Father's Day- Use a whole Striped Bass Fillet removing the skin and all red (dark) meat. Lightly sprikle olive oil on the fillet coating both sides then place on a large piece of   aluminum foil (big enough to wrap the fillet) Spread a handful of aspargus stalks with the hard end removed over the fish. Add a little more olive oil along with crushed garlic over the fish and asparagus. Season with coarse black pepper and a little bit of table salt. Slice a few lemon wedges and place on top before wrapping the fillet. Grill on the BBQ at a medium to high heat with the cover closed turning the foil packet over after a few minutes. Cook time will depend on the thickness of the fillet, 3-4 minutes on either side should be enough, when the fish is white and flaky it is done. If you like it more on the done side open the foil and close the lid at a high heat for another minute or two. Serve with some potato salad and your favorite cold beverage. More Recipes...Click Here


Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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