Father's Day Is Sunday June 16th-Taking Care Of Your Catch-Large Mouth Bass Opens

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With Father's Day approaching, it's a great time to consider taking dad fishing for the day. You have many different options available. Fluke fishing has been good thus far. Try a Moriches Bay trip bouncing light bucktails, or even shoot out to the deep ocean wrecks for a chance at a double digit doormat. If you want fast paced action give porgies a shot. They will have a hard time resisting clam or sandworm baits fishing along the bottom.

It has been nice to see the bluefish here in full force. They have been tacking all types of lures. Tins and topwater plugs are the lures of choice. A few popular ones are Tsunami Poppers, Cotton Cordells and Super Strike Poppers. If you want to throw a tin, go with either a Diamond Jig or a West End Tin. Work these lures at different speeds with a twitching action mixed in with your retrieve. The "Patchogue locals" have been working the docks with bunker and mackerel chunks and having great success. The key is to keep switching out the bait for a fresh piece every 20 minutes or so. The shop has been carrying fresh bunker on the weekends.

Bass have been roaming our waters too but they are staying quiet during the daytime.  in the inlets and bays with all the blues around. If you are in search of bass try heading out after dark for a better chance at catching some. Boats have been drifting live eels and bunker chunks in Moriches with decent luck. Some boats are working the lights by the bridges with Finesse lures on light tackle. Some fishermen are starting to troll in the ocean with mojos and wire line for big fish. Patchogue Local Mike Idy, managed a fish around 40 lbs. last week using this method.

Good Fluke fishing has been taking place in Moriches Bay. Light bucktails bounced along the bottom are doing well taking some nice fish up to 6 lbs. You can either bait them with Gulp or squid and spearing combos. A few customers have reported back that Smelts and spearing have taken some larger fish as well. The bite in the Peconics is still holding up. Fish are being taken on the usual squid and spearing.

Porgies have continued to be fast and furious. Full boat limits are common. Send down some clams or sandworms on a Hi-Lo rig and don't be surprised if you come back up with a few large porgies. Chumming will also help keep the fish around the boat for a longer period of time. For the south shore porgy fisher, we can confirm some fine catches of Porgies at Shinnecock Canal.  Preferably when the locks are closed. Not sure when they're closed? Call the lock master at 1-631-852-8299

Sea Robins are fun to catch and fine to eat too

Taking Care Of Your Catch- Their is nothing as good as a meal of fresh caught fish that you harvested yourself. However meal preperation starts as soon as you land that fish not when you are in the kitchen. The first thing to do is bleed your fish in your livewell or cooler by taking a knife and making a cut in its gills. This not only helps with the quality of the taste but it also quickly and humanely dispatches the fish. Also it is important to keep your fish cold by keeping it well iced. Some fish like bluefish will deteriorate quickly if not well iced. When filleting and skinning your fish it isn't a race, take the time to make sure that you remove all bones and dark meat under the skin. With some fish like Porky's or Sea Bass you might have to v out the bones from the middle of the fillet. Nothing will turn off someone from eating fish like getting a bone in their fillet. If your fish is to be cooked whole make sure that the guts, gills, and scales are all removed properly. If you are not going to use your fish right away a vacume sealer is the way to go. Rinse off and pat dry the fish (fillets, whole fish, steaks) before sealing. If you have a problem sealing the fish due to moisture fold up and place a paper towel in the bag between the fish and the top of the bag before sealing, this will help. Another tip to remember always clean your knife and cutting board before and after every use, this will help reduce any bacteria that would compromise your catch. And lastly only take what you need for a meal this will help sustain the resource for the future.

Local lakes are producing very well. Panfish are in the shallow edges and are easy targets using a small float and nighcrawler. This is a sure fire way of connecting with some feisty bluegills and perch. Small curly-tail grubs, hair jigs and rapalas are good alternatives; if bait isn't your thing. Large Mouth Bass opens this Saturday (Suffolk County: Most Lakes June 1st) This is a fine time to land a "bucket mouth," They are willing to hit may lures and baits that come their way. Shiners are excellent live baits as well as a whole nightcrawler either fished under a float or just casted out weightless. If you prefer lures, then fishing small swimbaits, jigs, crankbaits and topwater poppers are good for covering water in your search for of a Large Mouth. (bluegill patterns are recommended). Pickerel will also hit the same lures that you can use to catch Large Mouth Bass. An over looked species, also found in the local lakes, are the bullhead catfish. These guys can be caught with a nighcrawler fished on the bottom with either one or two split-shot. they can be a grumpy little fish and have three sharp spines on their dorsal and pectoral fins so be careful.

Father's Day is fast aproaching so don't forget your favorite fishermen on his special day. At J&J Sports & Tackle we have a great assortment of gift ideas available to make dad happy. We have a wide variety of reels to choose from including Daiwa BG, Penn Battle, Shimano Stradic, Seigler and Van Staal VR50 series Reels. If its a new rod that dad needs you won't go wrong with a Shimano Trevala series rod. If dad is a serious surf fishermen he could always use an AquaSkinz Surf Bag filled with some Super Strike Lures, or a pair of high quality Van Staal pliers, or a new Boga Grip. To keep dad looking good how about a new Guy Harvey long or short sleeve tee-shirt or a new pair of Shimano Evair or Marlin boots. If you have trouble deciding we also have Gift Cards available. So remember to take care of the guy who is always there to take care of you on this father's day.

Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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