April News Briefs- Grilled Fish Tacos Recipe-Porgies Open May 1st-Fluke Opens May 4th

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The first reports of Striped Bass are starting to come in slowly. Most of the action has been out on the western part of Long Island. Some activity has been reported around the bridges as well. Small swimming plugs are doing most of the work. SP minnows, mag darters and red-fins are just a few to name. Soft plastics rigged on light jig heads are doing okay as well. I had a few reports of blackfish reported at the shop this week. They were all inside the bay and mostly shorts, one keeper was taken by the Moses bridge on clam.Try fishing the first 2 hours of the outgoing tide this time of the year. It produces the warmest water coming off the mud flats and makes the fish most active.

Porgies Open May 1st-Fluke Opens May 4th

Down at the local lakes the fishing remained steady. Sunfish and bluegills have been taking nightcrawlers and wax worms. Bass have been going after live shiners when fished under a float close to the shorelines. Trout fishing has remained decent. A few fish are being caught on small tins and spinners. Using Nightcrawlers fished under a float have been doing best. Try using the smallest hook and float for the best possible presentation.

Grilled Fish Tacos- Coat Striped Bass Filets (any flaky whitefish will work; Fluke, Cod, SeaBass etc.) on both sides with olive oil and a small amount of crushed garlic, put in an aluminum pan. Season both sides with your favorite seasoning, I use Emeril's seafood seasoning. Place the aluminum pan on your grill and poke holes in the bottom of the pan, cook at a high heat. Turn the Filets until fish is cooked through, the Filet's will start to brown and fall apart. Crumble the fish in hard or soft taco shells whichever you prefer and add shredded cabbage and Remoulade sauce. If you want to spice it up add some sliced Jalapenos, they will add some heat. Important note-trim off all of the blood line and make sure all bones have been removed from your filet's before you start.

Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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