July Is Hot and So Is The Fishing.....Snappers, Fluke, Blues, Sea Bass, Trigger Fish and More

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Those going out in search of Striped Bass have found that using fresh clam bellies are the best bet. A 7/0 circle hook used in combination with a fish finder is a good method for properly fishing clam for stripers. You can apply this technique At spots like Moriches and Shinnecock inlets. Incoming tides have been getting more play compared to the outgoing. 

After dark boats have been using live eels in the same areas (Moriches and Shinnecock inlets) with good success. Drifting the inlet with a drail to get to the bottom will put you in the strike zone. Fish into the 20 pound class have been reported in both areas.

Fluke fishing in the bays of Fire island, Moriches and Shinnecock, all produced some good shots at keepers and plenty of shorts throughout the week. Fluke rigs and hi-low bucktail rigs worked excellent in combination with gulp baits, spearing, sand eels and/or squid. You can find fish on both sides of the tide but I would recommend trying the last two hours of the incoming and the first two of the outgoing.
The bite has been more sporadic in the ocean but if you can locate them you have good odds at picking away at sizable fish for the rest of the tide.

Porgies have not shown on the south shore wrecks great in numbers but long
island sound boats fishing rocky structure, along the entire stretch of the north shore, are finding plenty of Porgies.
They are taking baits such as sandworms and clam.Sea bass are mixed in with the porgys. It always makes for a nice surprise when a keeper sea bass comes up. Montauk has held a good amount off Porgies off the point. Limits have not been uncommon.

Sea bass off the south shore ocean wrecks on the other hand can be picked away at pretty regularly using clam on a hi low-rig. Fish can be found 4lbs+++ (Cover photo: Bobby Boleson with a 4lb Sea bass. Moriches)

Snapper action at the docks remains steady. They are still on the smaller size but are aggressively hitting small tins. Don’t forget that baby snappers make great fluke bait also. Most local docks will have snappers at any given time but a few good spots to try are Mascot, pine neck and bluepoint docks. Also try, Snapper bait with a #5 hook, and a small float.
Don't forget a "snapper poppers" too, it's a fun way to fish for these critters

Blue Claw Crabs are providing some good summertime fun. They can be found at the local docks and most are decent keeper size. Hand-traps baited with bunker have been working great.

Freshwater fishing has been best during the first and last hours of the day. If fishing for Bass, try a live shiner, they are doing best when fished under a float.
Nightcrawlers are working great too for panfish fished the same way.
Artificial lures like "rubber frogs and worms" can be worked for decent results too. Rigging them weedless style this time of the year is always a good idea.

Hey Joe O here I had a Great morning’s catch. Getting a couple of more bites on the frog (i usually fish the bottom but I'm trying to learn new techniques to catch bass) as well as “walking the dog” with a frog and using top water baits. West lake is great fishing as well as Patchogue Lake.

Shark fishing is productive around the Coimbra wreck; according to Capt Mike. With Plenty of Bluefish in the area, that’s the bait of choice. Blue sharks and a Mako or two have been the main catch. Capt mike has heard of some Tuna in the area and will troll around this week to see if the reports have been accurate.

Surfcasters Extra: Learn to rig an eel for surf fishing
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