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Matt and Zeppi from the shop went in search of some triggerfish this past week at Shinecock Inlet  and are happy to report that they are in and feeding. The fish were keyed in on clam more than the squid bait. A hi lo rig pitched in close to the rocks is all you have to do. No need to cast far at all. The key is to have a heavy action rod with a suitable reel. Something that can pull these hard fighters out of the rocks when they make a break for them after being hooked. Bring extra rigs and sinkers. Its almost inevitable that you are going to lose tackle fishing for these fish in this situation. Also the guys noted that the fish started biting as soon as the tide started moving.

One thing about triggerfish (besides an excellent fight) they are a fine meal. In my opinion they are one of the tastiest fish you can catch. Just remember to have a good knife when filleting them. They have tough skin that can be compared to leather.

Matt's Recipe For cooking triggerfish: My favorite method is the grill. Lay the filets in tin foil with lemon, lime, salt and pepper. Enclose them so the juices remain inside. Cook on low heat until cooked throughout. They will grill up quickly but this method will almost insure that you wont dry out the fish. Serve on a bed of rice with your favorite beverage

DOUGLAS MINNOW SEINE-Great for seining minnows and shiners. Fun for kids and adults!

Striped Bass fishing remains about the same as last week. Most of the bigger fish have set up in the rips off of Montauk. You can still find some smaller bass in Shinnecock and Moriches inlets using clams. In Montauk eeling the rips is the best option for bringing a cow bass on deck. However, locally clam is the bait of choice. Anglers have reported 12-20 fish with one keeper. Plenty of action!!

Bigger Blues remain scarce on the south shore. Some cocktails are running the inlets that can be picked with diamond jigs. If you are in search of larger ones, Montauk is holding a nice population of them feasting on bunker. You can find them on the north side of the lighthouse hitting topwater lures and tins.

Fluke fishing in the bays from Fire island to Shinnecock still are hot with action. Still a tough keeper to short ratio but its possible to pull a few every time out. The shops local spearing is working well in combination with squid strips. Light bucktails and rigs are both working well. I always like to stick with colors such as white, pink and green.

Porgy fishing is still hot on the North Shore. Plenty of keepers are coming up for our customers that go out for them. They said that both the clam and sandworms are working equally well. The Shinnecock Canal has a nice body of porgies running up and down it too. Mixed in are some blowfish and triggerfish.

Snapper Blues are in!! They are small but appear to be plentiful. Small lures of snapper poppers will suffice. Bait and bobber method is always a fun way to catch these baby blues.

While down at the Local Docks, Blowfish have been this seasons surprise. It's been a while since we have had any numbers of these fine bottom dwelling fish. easy to catch and fine to eat! Some of the critters have been on the small size, so you may need to catch a few before you can have a meal. There's no restrictions on blowfish but common sense will tell you what's worth keeping. A small #9 chestertown hook (yes, that's a flounder hook), and a 1 or 2oz sinker and a piece of clam is all you'll need to have an afternoon of summer fun.
Last weeks report included a video on how to clean blowfish and a recipe too. CLICK HERE to view.

Crabs are also at the Local Docks.  Traps are doing better than nets but that will change as the days heat up and crabs start to surface. Bait the traps with bunker or mackerel. 

It's always fun to catch a few sea robins while out fishing.  They are a scrappy fighter and make a good meal too.

Attached is a list of some "Fun Fish Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF)

Freshwater action has been going at a good pace. Large Mouth Bass (Black Bass)  fishing in the local lakes ( Great Patchogue Lakeis excellent, with many fish caught per outing. Live shiners have been the better bait to use, but it won't hurt to try some artificial lures too. Senko style worms, weedless frogs and swim jigs are all great for fishing the heavy grass line. Early morning or late evening are good times to go this time of year.  Pickerel are also a  added bonus. catching a 3-5lb Pickerel can put up a good fight. You can find some large bluegills hiding under the Lilly pads and half a nightcrawler will get them to bite. Perch can be found in the deeper sanctions of the lakes of pond, a small curly-tail grub or gulp power bait can get you bites from these powerful little critters. 

Just a reminder. You do need to register before saltwater fishing. It's easy and it's FREE….
Stop down at  J & J Sports  and we'll sign you up or click HERE to register online. There's nothing worse than getting a ticket just because you went fishing. Have a smart phone? Here's an idea:
It's a good idea to "snap a shot" of your license so it's always with you in case of loss or its destroyed. 16yrs and older are required to register.

Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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