Fishing Update • Anglers Continue To Report A Variety Of Species Being Caught Around Long Island Waters

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Fishing update: Anglers continue to report a variety of species being caught around Long Island waters. Anglers are reporting continued action on Striped Bass-Bluefish-Pogies-Sea bass and Fluke. Shore bound anglers are reporting good catches on kingfish-Blowfish-Triggerfish and Snappers. The local docks continue to produce quality Blue claw Crabs.

Fluke fishing is heating up in our bays and inlets. In both Moriches and Shinnecock keeper fluke are consistently being pulled up. The fish of the week was weighed in by Anthony DeCresenzo with a 10-7lb Fluke taken from Moriches Inlet.  To target these fine flat fish all you need is a simple fluke rig with squid and spearing. If you are looking for more of a challenge a spro bucktail on a high-low rig with a teaser hook around 5 to 8 inches above the bucktails.  A few summer Weakfish are also being reported.  Looks like most are taken while fluke fishing.  The local waters in the Great South Bay have been the prime areas for weakfish.

Striped bass and bluefish though has slow down due to increased water temps can still be found in both the inlets and the ocean. Fishing in Deep water would give the best chance at landing these species. If you are targeting them from a boat using fresh bunker and mackerel near schools of bait would be ideal. A size 5 circle hook would be a good option. Most reports have shown that when fishing in inlets the fish tend to be on the bottom so be sure to use heavy sinkers. Diamond jigs can be used to fish the bottom simply by letting it sink and jig it on the bottom an, A17 or A27 will be the best option.

The inlets are also producing quality catches of Triggerfish and Porgies. a #2, 1 02 1/0 hook with a 2oz sinkers, tipped with clam is a fine combo

Wreck fishing continues to produce with most of our Artificial Reefs holding good sized sea bass and porgy. Ling or 'red hake' have also been mixed in with the sea bass and porgy. Ling are a little known fish in our waters and can grow to sizes of 20lbs. They are a deep water fish and will feed on most conventional baits like clam and squid. They have no size or length requirements in New York and provide a delicious meal. Most people find that preparing these fish by battering and deep frying is the best way to eat them. Blowfish, kingfish and snappers are all over our Local Docks and all are delicious. To target these fish a long shank hook will work well with a small piece of clam. For snappers a popper or a small spinner will also do the trick.

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Crabs and clams are also loaded across the island. Crabs can be found all across our local docks. The best way to catch these crustaceans would be to use a small bait trap with a piece of frozen bunker. A long net is another great method when crabbing though this works best at night with the use of a flashlight because the crabs will be attracted to the light. Clams can be found all across the bays in flat sandy areas on the low tide. The most effective way to dig clams up would be the use of a clam rake and simply just rake the bottom. Clams are a very good source of food and come in variety of species and sizes. Be aware when clamming be sure to check your local regulations because they vary across the different townships and counties on the island.


 Cole reported that a trip to the Rockaway Reef targeting bluefin tuna on live bunker only produced several hammerhead sharks. They then targeted the local bunker pods and resulted in black tip and brown sharks all on popping plugs. Tuna were spotted  in the area but we didn't catch any :-(

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Freshwater fishing at the local lakes this week was keeping some anglers busy. Some customers came in and reported that bass were falling for artificial worms as well as live shiners. Bluegills and sunnies were providing fun for the kids (and adults too.) Using a small piece of nightcrawler below a float will work perfect for them.

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