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Fluke fishing has picked up in the past week with some real nice fish being caught both inside and outside the south shore inlets. The "short to keeper" ratio has been better outside the inlets in deeper water with some quality fish being landed. Reports from out east have Montauk Fluking heating up as well, with big fish being landed at Frisbees and all the other local spots. When fishing inside, use smaller bucktails with a teaser tipped with either Gulp or a Squid Spearing combo. Fish the dropoffs next to sandbars slowly drifting your bait along the edges. When fishing out side the inlets (deeper water 70’) go bigger with your baits, use baits like small whole squid, live or dead snapper or larger smelts.

The Striped Bass bite has been a little slow around the south shore but with a few cooler nights and this weeks full moon it should pick up. A few fish are still being picked up on Clam during the day and live eels at night. Montauk has stayed your best bet for consistent Striper action with most fish now being caught trolling using tubes with wire line.

The season has been great for bottom fishing with fantastic Porgy fishing all season on the North Shore and in the Peconic Bay region.  Sea bass fishing has also stayed hot with the biggest problem being getting past sub-legals to land a few keepers. Action has been “lock and load” at times on the local reefs with doubles being common.

There have been plenty of other bottom action too. Kingfish, Blowfish, Triggerfish and even Weakfish caught by "Porgy fishers" on the north shore and Triggerfish, Ling and Mackerel being caught by "Sea Bass fishers" on the south shore. Keep in mind that the Sea bass limit goes from three fish to seven on September 1st, the size limit of 15" remains the same.

Snapper action has been steady at the local docks with the fish getting larger by the day. weather your using a cane pole and float with a shiner or casting a snapper popper or small lure like a Kastmaster you shouldn’t be disappointed. The annual Patchogue Snapper Derby held at Patchogue's Mascot Dock  will be on September 1st.

Crabbing action on the docks and creeks has been good with reports of larger crabs being caught this past week. Traps baited with bunker or fish parts, walking the dock with a crab net or tying a piece of bait to a line and slowly retrieving the Blue Claw to net will all work. Note: You can identify a female Blue Claw by the Christmas tree shaped "V" on the underside of its body. Females will also have red on their claws, the males don't. If you catch a female with a brown sponge on its underside, this is a female with eggs return it to the water as quick as you can.

Surf Report
The surf scene is not all the sand beaches and local jetties; the local docks are showing a good abundance of action too. Many species can be targeted off the docks such as Snappers, kingfish, Blowfish, Croaker and maybe even a Weakfish are not out of the question. If wanting to go for a variety of things then a small number 4 or 6 hook on a bottom rig will catch a variety of critters. The bait of choice would either be clam, squid or sandworm. Now most of these fish are notorious bait steelers so be ready for the bites because most often they are instant hits.

If you want to target the snappers the best thing to use is a float and spearing combo. Sometimes a longer leader is better for putting your bait in the strike zone. The snappers should be 8-12 inches this time of year so they would make great sport on a light action rod. 

Freshwater Report
This past week has been very productive for most of the local lakes. Because the water temperature is cooler, early mornings and late afternoons have been the best times of day for the most action. 

Nightcrawler’s and live shiners will attract a variety of panfish along with Largemouth Bass and Pickerel. Fish them 2-3 feet under a float with a #6 sized hook. If throwing lures is your thing then go weedless! Soft plastics ; Texas Rigged Worm and weedless frogs are best choices. The closer you get to the weed-line the better. These fish are seeking cover to stay cooler and ambush their prey.

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Crab-stuffed mushrooms are one of Outdoor Tom’s favorite late-summer treats. By Felicia Scocozza If you are lucky enough to have a secret crabbing spot, you can easily catch enough fresh and tasty blue claws to make this recipe from mid-summer through mid-fall. If you can’t get them on your own, lump crabmeat will be fine....Read Recipe...



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Summer Fun Continues

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