Porgies Are In!!!-Fluke Season Opens-Stripers, Weakfish, Bluefish and More.....

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Reports of Striped Bass have been getting better almost every day now. We are finally seeing the break in the weather that is needed to get the season really going. Still lots of schoolies are being caught around the bridges and creeks but not mixed in are some larger legal fish to keep. Most of the fish are being caught on baits like sandworms and clam. If you want to try fishing lures id suggest using bass assassins, small bucktails, sp minnows and mag darters. The fish seem to be larger at night also.

Spring Clam Chumming for Bass
Spring is a great time to chum for Striped Bass using Clam Bellies. When chumming for Bass off of your boat you will need to anchor up current of a bridge piling or in a cut near an inlet or off of a sandbar next to deeper water, moving water is a must. Drop a block of frozen clam belly chum off of the side of your boat in a weighted chum cage or pot. Try to get the pot as far to the front of your boat as you can so the line on the pot doesn't interfere when landing a fish. Use a medium heavy boat rod with a level wind reel, I prefer mono line in 30 lb. test but you can use braid. Use a fish finder clip on your line tied to a barrel swivel with a 6/0 or 7/0  circle hook with a 36 in. leader of either 50-60 lb mono or flourocarbon.

Cast a full skimmer clam behind your boat out into the chum. You will need anywhere between a 5 and a 10 oz. bank sinker to hold bottem depending on how much current you are fishing. When the fish hit they will take the bait and run, reel down and set the hook hard if using bait holder hooks, if using circle hooks just reel until the line is tight.

When fighting the fish you will also be fighting the current thats why I prefer a heavier rod. Land the fish as fast as you can so if it is released it will be less stressed. When clam chumming for Bass the action can be fast and furious at times so if a fish is hooked get a line out there as fast as you can after that first fish is landed.

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Weakfish are starting to make a showing in our local area. Some fish are being caught in the bay on sandworms drifted along the bottom as well as small soft plastics on a jig head. With the warmer temperatures they will start to feed more often.

Fluke season opens. The fish are already here so you will have a good shot at catching them when the season opens. Typically a good place to start in the early season is the Peconics. The shop is fully stocked with spearing,  squid and fluke rigs too. Phone orders and internet orders accepted too.

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Clam, sandworms or squid are all great baits to use for Porgies. Try using a little chum to increase your odds of catching. The Peconic Bays as well as the north shore both are great locations to try out. Porgy season is all year!!

We received reports of the first Bluefish in Long Island waters. Some good early season spots to try are  Robert Moses State Park beaches, Local docks and the Smith Point County Park ( Bridge.) Try using some bunker or mackerel. If you want to use lures, diamond jigs, poppers and bucktail all do a wonderful job catching bluefish.

If freshwater fishing is "your thing", then try the local lakes. West Lake  and Great Patchogue Lake have a variety of panfish: perch, bluegills, to keep it entertaining. Nightcralers are a fine bait. Trout can still be taken from west lake. the March stocking is still providing some nice brown and rainbow trout. Hereto, nightcrawler or live shiners are the baits of choice.

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