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Hi everybody, Matt From J & J Sports here. The other day I joined Craig from Van Staal out on his boat in Shinnecock bay. Our mission was to "sight fish" schoolie bass on the flats with the fly rods. Ive have never done this type of fishing before, so the whole experience was new to me. After running the boat to the fishing grounds we quickly spotted pods of schoolies. I was relieved to break the ice on the first pod we saw with a small fish.

Craig helped with my double haul technique which added 20 feet to my cast. We followed several more pods throughout the day and managed to pick a couple more fish. A few of the schools we saw contained over twenty fish. It was neat to see them darting around the boat through my polarized glasses. We also spotted several large sized schools of small sandeels in the bay. A good sign for our fall fishing to come. Overall it was a great day on the water with one of the most well know and respected figures in the fishing industry. Thanks again Craig!

Schoolie Striped Bass with the occasional keeper are still being caught along the south shore bays and inlets. Clams during the day and eels at night are the baits of choice. Fishing early before the sun heats things up or later as things cool down seems to help. Fishing at the start of the incoming tide near the inlet seems to help with the cooler ocean water coming into the bay. For bigger fish head out east, the rips around Montauk are still producing big fish for guys drifting live Eels or trolling with wire.

Fluke fishing has started to heat up along with the weather. The "cuts" and bays along the south shore inlets have been providing some steady action with big fish being mixed in with plenty of shorts. We've had a few reports of some nice keepers being decked by the Smith Point bridge area and by the mouth of the Forge River. Try using a small Spro Bucktail and teaser rigs tipped with either a squid spearing combo or gulp. Chartreuse and Green colors seem to work better in the stained water while White is working better during the cleaner water. Fishing the flood tide, closer to the inlets, has had positive results.

Sea Bass fishing on the local reefs, outside the inlets, continues to provide steady action. Plenty of short fish with keepers mixed in on every trip. Clam, squid or spearing fished on a Hi-Lo rig with small white or pink rubber squid skirts and 1/0 hooks have been productive.

Porgy fishing along the North Shore and Peconics continues to be great. The fish are smaller then earlier in the season, but more than enough keeper sized fish are being caught on most every trip. Fresh clam and sandworms fished on a #1 or #2 porgy hook are the baits of choice but squid can be very effective as well.

The Local Docks are now in full summer mode. Snappers, Blowfish and Blue Claw Crabs have been providing some steady action. Small shiners fished under a float, snapper popper or small tins have all been working on the snappers with the action only getting better as we move into August.

Blowfish are still being caught close to most dock pilings and bulkheads. Use small pieces of either clam or squid on a blowfish or flounder rig using no more than a 1 ounce in weight.

Blue Claw Crabs are being caught using traps baited with bunker or throw lines baited with either whole squid, bunker or mackerel. keep in mind that Blue Claw Crabs must be 4 1/2 inches from point to point across the shell to keep and that all egg bearing female crabs must be released,

Attached is a list of some "Fun Fish Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF)

Pablo this passed weekend did a little fly fishing at Connetquot River State Park . He caught 8 Rainbow Trout up to 18" (Photo). He used his favorite fly "olive woolly bugger".

Connetqout offers 3 sessions , morning 8am-12pm , afternoon 12pm-4pm , and evening 4pm-8pm . They offer 2 row boats that are Available to fish the main lake , but they are only available during the morning session. The park stocks Rainbow Trout , Brook Trout , as well have some "hold over" brown trout , however the main locations on the river that get stocked often are spots 8-16 .

Pablo’s ideal set up for the park is a 5/6wt fly reel spooled with floating line , paired with a 8ft or 8’6ft 5/6wt fly rod , but if fishing the lake he will use a 9ft 5/6wt rod for a little extra distance on the lake . Flies that have been working for him have been Olive ,Purple , Black , and brown Woolly Buggers . He also has been having a lot of dry fly takes as well , using ants , beetles , grass hopper ,or butterfly pattern flies . The average fish in river generally measure around 15-18” inches; mainly the rainbows . Pablo recommends the park for any amateur fly angler that is looking to get into some action .

“It’s a Great place to learn the ropes on fly fishing “ . If you ever need any advice or any gear to start your fly fishing adventure, Pablo and all the employees at the shop will be more than willing to help you out with tips , tricks and even a little lesson .

The local lakes and ponds have been producing some decent Largemouth action. Top water baits like a weedless frog fished along weed-beds during the early morning hours or on overcast days have been very effective. When the sun comes up switch over to a rubber worm rigged weedless and work the bait slowly. Live shiners fished with or without a float have also been productive on Largemouth bass as well as Pickerel. For Panfish and Trout use a Nightcrawler on a #6 hook fished under a float or off the bottom with a small split shot sinker.

Surf Report: Patchogue Locals, took a ride down to the recently opened Smith Point County Park beach to Moriches inlet and found a cocktail Bluefish blitz. The blitz went on for three hours until sunset. They were feasting on small sandeels. Lures used: Charlie Graves tins and they were "hooking up" every cast. This large amount of Bluefish is nice to see. Hopefully they are still around for the fall!!
On a side anglers reported buckets full of big Porgies. It would be a good idea to bring some clams and Porgy rigs to the jetty if you do decide to make the trip.

Sharks in the surf

South shore beach and boat fishermen are continuing to catch Sharks! Check out the regulations. Some of these animals need to be released quickly and unharmed.


Recipe-Last minute Cocktail and Tartar Sauce.
After fishing, clamming or spending the day on the water the last thing you want to do is to have to run to the store because your out of Tarter or Cocktail Sauce to serve with your catch. You can easily make your own with a few simple ingredients.
Tartar Sauce- In a bowl mix 1 cup of Mayonnaise with 2 large table spoons of Green (Hot Dog) Relish. Let sit in the fridge for twenty minutes and serve.
Cocktail Sauce- In a bowl mix 1 cup of Ketchup and a large tablespoon of White Horseradish, you can add a few drops of Tabasco to heat things up a bit. Let sit in the fridge for twenty minutes and serve. See more of Rons recipes... 

Knots To Know

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