It's Tog-Time ....Andrea talks about tackle tips to get you started for the upcoming blackfish season. Surf Reports And More....

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Hey guys Andrea here again with this weeks fishing report. This past weeks weather has really shown that fall is here. And with that the fishing is at its finest as it can be in the fall.

In the bay, it has been pretty good with striped bass and bluefish action. The weakfish have become a little more spotty and are more prevalent around the  Robert Moses State Park area. Most bass are being caught with clam chumming methods or drifting live baits like, bunker or kingfish. I even heard of some guys using live blow fish as bait and are good very well. With the live baits a three way rig, with a 7/0-9/0 hook is the perfect setup to present the baits properly.

Andrea talks about tackle tips to get you started for the upcoming blackfish season.
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In the ocean, the wrecks still have there regular seabass, ling and porgies. The weather we had this past week was pretty brutal so mostly the larger charter boats got out and were able to catch their share of seabass, ling, and porgies. Speaking of porgies, I heard that there are tons of them out there, so many that they are getting in the way of fishermen looking for seabass. All these species can be caught with a hi-low rig with clam, squid and crabs. Even gulp baits are good to use if you want to keep it a little cleaner. There is still the opportunity to catch some pelagic fish too while out on the wrecks. False Albacore, bonita and small football Bluefin tuna are patrolling the upper water Colum of these wrecks, so taking a variety of Albie jigs with you is not a bad idea.

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On the North Shore,- there are still good shots at seabass and porgies. Most are being caught with clam and squid rigs. The larger seabass are being caught with diamond jigs jigged vertically off or near the bottom, so you can try that if the bait fishing gets a little to easy. Albies are still in a good attendance here as well. Epoxy jigs and small tins are good choices to fool these little tunas.

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In the surf the sand beaches are just getting better. A lot of slot fish and over slot fish are being caught from the West Hampton beaches all the way to  Robert Moses State ParkShinnecock Inlet -  Cupsogue Beach County Park or  Smith Point County Park - All fish are being caught with diamond jigs, swim shads, poppers, and minnow plugs. Some bonus bluefish and weakfish are also coming up so that is a nice thing to look forward to while putting in your efforts. Montauk is also pretty hot right now, with day blitzes providing a lot of action throughout the day. Poppers, tins and bucktails are good to bring if you decide to head to "the end." The sand beach out there also have fish and that area is no stranger to producing a fall "cow" bass, so be ready for a quick photo and safe release of these fish if you do tie into one.


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Attached is a list of some "Fun Fish Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF) 

Freshwater has been good around the local lakes. Bass are being caught with live shiners and night crawlers fished on floats. Artificial lures like senkos, swimbaits, swim jigs and small poppers are taking their share of bass and pickerel too. Panfish will hit worms suspended from floats and they will also hit small trout magnets too. Any time of day is a good time to go this time of year, just pick your days to go and have a good time.

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