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This past weeks weather has really shown that fall is here. And with that in mind, the fall fishing is at its finest. 
Blackfish started with incredible catches of keeper "togs".   Blackfish has been keeping a good amount of boats busy. The bite has been very good off the south shore  Artificial Reefs, the ocean wrecks as well as on north shore rock piles.

Anglers from orient to montauk have reported an excellent pick of keeper blackfish with most filling limits regularly. Places on the North Shore like cedar beach in mount Sinai and port Jeff have been holding a great pick of fish. On the south shore the west of Shinecock Inlet  has also been on fire. The best way to catch blackfish would be green crabs. When fishing with green crabs it’s best to bring a good pair of scissors to cut them in half. With green crabs you can either use a simple hi-lo bait rig or a blackfish jig. It’s also a good idea to use a heavy leader because these fish are notorious for diving in to the rocks when hooked, so a strong leader is essential to help prevent fraying and breaking.

In the bay, it has been pretty good with striped bass and bluefish action. The weakfish have become a little more spotty and are more prevalent around the  Robert Moses State Park area. Most bass are being caught with clam chumming methods or drifting live baits like, bunker or kingfish. I even heard of some guys using live blowfish as bait and are good very well. With the live baits a three way rig, with a 7/0-9/0 hook is the perfect setup to present the baits properly.

Striped bass have officially moved in to the Great South Bay with both boat and dock anglers reporting a great pick of keeper sized fish. To catch these fish from a boat the best way would be to keep on the look out for flocks of birds or jumping bunker, when you find a blitz like this using live bunker on a circle hook is a great option. For lures from the boat a top water popper is another great choice because when bass are feeding on bait they are typically closer to the top of the water so a popper can be extremely effective. When bass fishing from one of our local docks the best way would be bait like bunker chunks or eels. If you prefer to fish with lures, diamond jigs and swim Shad’s will do the trick. Bass can still be caught around the inlets like moriches and Shinecock as well as the open beach at places likeSmith Point County Park  and Cupsogue Beach County Park.

Anglers have reported a great pick of blues all over the island with many fish of different size classes being caught right in the great South Bay. Most fish caught have been a little larger than cocktail sized fish with some larger ones in the mix. The best way to catch blues would be lures like diamond jigs and bait such as bunker or mackerel.

Anglers have been reporting a soild pick of weakfish in the great South Bay as well as the peconic bay. Smiths point bridge has also shown a good bite.  This time of year a great way to catch weakfish would be lures like swim shads and other soft plastics. When using these lures at a bridge it’s best to go on an incoming tide and drift in to the bridge. If you prefer to use bait squid or clam is a great choice as well.

Andrea talks about tackle tips to get you started for the  blackfish season.
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In the ocean, the wrecks still have there regular sea bass, ling, Cod and porgies. The weather we had this past week was pretty brutal so mostly the larger charter boats got out and were able to catch their share of sea bass, ling, and porgies. Speaking of porgies, I heard that there are tons of them out there, so many that they are getting in the way of fishermen looking for sea bass. All these species can be caught with a hi-low rig with clam, squid and crabs. Even gulp baits are good to use if you want to keep it a little cleaner. There is still the opportunity to catch some pelagic fish too while out on the wrecks. False Albacore, Bonito and small football tuna are patrolling the upper water Column of these wrecks, so taking a variety of Albie jigs with you is not a bad idea.
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Porgy and Sea bass fishing has still been excellent with giant hump head porgies and sea bass have been caught all over the island. Most of these fish have been caught on our lArtificial Reefs like the moriches and Shinecock. The best bait to use would be clam or squid on a hi-lo bait rig.

On the North Shore,- there are still good shots at Blackfish, Sea bass and Porgies. Most are being caught with clam and squid rigs. The larger sea bass are being caught with diamond jigs jigged vertically off or near the bottom, so you can try that if the bait fishing gets a little to easy. Albies are still in a good attendance here as well. Albie jigs  and small tins are good choices to fool these little tunas.

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In the surf the sand beaches are just getting better. A lot of slot fish and over slot fish are being caught from the West Hampton beaches all the way to  Robert Moses State ParkShinnecock Inlet -  Cupsogue Beach County Park or  Smith Point County Park - All fish are being caught with diamond jigs, swim shads, poppers, and minnow plugs. Some bonus bluefish and weakfish are also coming up so that is a nice thing to look forward to while putting in your efforts. Montauk is also pretty hot right now, with day blitzes providing a lot of action throughout the day. Little Neck Popper™, tins and bucktails are good to bring if you decide to head to "the end." The sand beach out there also have fish and that area is no stranger to producing a fall "cow" bass, so be ready for a quick photo and safe release of these fish if you do tie into one.

Dock fishing remains interesting at mascot, bluepoint and sayville with anglers still catching some blowfish with even some bass in the mix.

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This past weeks fishing has been great. All the local lakes are active with all kinds of great catches. This time of year is good to target some of the larger bass and pickerel that the lakes have to offer. If wanting to employ artificial tactics then large swim baits, crank baits, jigs and spinnerbaits will all get hits. If bait & wait is your thing then large live shiners fished under floats will produce as well. The best thing is to fish the baits around structure like weed beds, laydown trees and any rock structure. Panfish are also a good bet this time of year and will hit a variety of bait and lures. Nighcrawlers are good for bluegills and pumpkinseeds, lures such as spinners and small grub jigs will catch larger perch and crappie. Another interesting species to target are the walleye that inhabit only two of Long Islands lakes , which are Fort pond in Montauk and lake Ronkonkoma. They are best targeted at night or low light conditions. A three inch curly tail grub, floating rapalas and small swim shads will work great.

Blackened Blackfish

1)-Rinse and Pat dry the skinless Blackfish filets, making sure all bones have been removed. 
2)-In a small bowl mix together the following:
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper 
1 teaspoon paprika 
1 teaspoon thyme 
1/8 teaspoon cumin
4)-Heat 2 tablespoons of butter and a 1/2 tablespoon of crushed garlic in a skillet ( I use cast iron). 
5)-Rub the fillets thoroughly with the seasoning on both sides and cook in the skillet for 3-4 minutes a side.
6)-Garnish with lemon wedges and fresh parsley and serve. Enjoy.
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