Fishing Around The Island Continues To Stay Hot • Snappers Are Starting To Move In The Channels And Marinas • Fluke Fishing Is Still Doing Well

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Fishing around the island continues to stay hot with warmer water temperatures increasing causing many species to remain local, providing great opportunities for any angler. Around the docks blowfish and kingfish are still plentiful with some triggerfish starting to move in. Just a small piece of clam and a porgy rig will do the trick for all of these species.

Crabs are also doing extremely well this week and they are big and plentiful.To get crabs, any local dock should be loaded with them such as Patchogue's Mascot Dock , Corey Beach  and  Pine Neck Dock .

While most of the big stripers and blues are heading up north but there are still some small ones around the inlets after dark.  A bucktail or sp minow should be able to land these fish.

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The south shore inlets are also producing triggerfish and porgies.  Shop stewards Bryan and Pablo had a dozen porgies and some fine triggers fishing the inlet this past week.  Big porgies!!!! ,Just a simple porgy rig and some clam bellies will be perfect.

Shinnecock Canal is also producing with many of the same species including some fluke and seabass mixed in as well.  All of these fish are great eating and provide a great way to kill some time with the kids.

Another popular specie the sea robin is always prevalent around the island and are surprisingly excellent eating, These can be found mostly any wear including all of the docks,inlets and canals.

snappers are starting to move in the channels and marinas. Small but plentiful.  Small hooks, small lures are a started method.

Seabass are doing very well also with some moving in to the inlets as well with tons of them getting picked up off the reefs.  Clams and even diamond jigs work great for these fish.

Fluke fishing is still doing well with the Smith Point County Park and narrows bay showing good fish with fine catches. Ocean fishing is also producing , They can also be found in the surf, A bucktail and gulp works great for these flat fish

Freshwater fishing is doing well with most local lakes still showing good largemouth on weedless hooks and topwater frogs later in the day. Yellow perch and panfish are always around and are easiest caught on a simple hook bobber and night crawler. Swan, West and Great Pathogue Lake are all good spots for these species.


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