July Fishing Heats Up….Snapper Blues Are Starting

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Pablo shows how easy it is to land a "cow bass'.  Just spend  25 hours a week fishing..  from Montauk to Smith Point.  

Last week we saw an excellent Striped Bass bite going on in montauk for both the boat and surf fishermen. Many fish into the 30s and few in the 40s were landed. Lures that were taking most of these cows were bucktails, bottle plugs and darters.

Boat fishermen were successful using eels as well as bunker. This all ended when "blackcloud" aka Anthony, from the shop, tried getting in on the action.

Boat fishermen targeting the bunker pods roaming the south shore of long island are still finding luck. We heard a report that one boat landed fish into the upper 30s on a snag and drop.Inlets are seeing a pick at bass too. Eels being most effective at night and clams working best during the day.
You can also find some blues mixed in with the bass too. The blues mixed in with the bass in montauk were gators ranging anywhere from 10 to 20lbs!!

We didn't hear much about Fluking this week except a report from shop regular Ken who took his nephew Ryder out Fluking in the smiths point bridge area off his boat. Ken reported the rig of choice was a bucktail tipped with spearing. This
helped Ryder land his first keeper fluke measuring an impressive 21 inches. They also noted the action was great all day with several shorts and sea robins.

Customers have been coming in reporting the porgies are plentiful on the north shore. Many are able to cull several keeper sized Porgies on sandworms as well as clam.The key is to find rocky structure that Porgies love to stick close to. Cedar beach as well as Rocky Point are seeing good results.

The first reports of snappers have finally arose from the local docks.They are still small but can be hooked on a small hook with a small piece of spearing on it. They will only be getting bigger in the next couple of weeks.
Something else one can target off the docks is Kingfish and Blowfish. If you can get a few of them they will make an excellent meal. Try a small piece of clam as bait.

Crabbing on the docks is decent with keepers coming up but once again
we should see improvement in the size over the next few weeks.

Lake fishing is still a sure bet for some action. Largemouths are taking rubber worms and topwater weedless frogs. Try fishing either dusk or dawn to see better results. You can also find luck using nighcrawlers for Perch and sunfish too.

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