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Here is a quick tip for today. While using my fly rods I realized the line on my reels needed a cleaning. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and let you know you should clean your fly line often, if you do a fair amount of fishing. Any type of fly line cleaner will do such as Cortland Pro Line Cleaner. Apply a little to a clean cloth and run the fly line through it. Doing this, will allow the line to shoot much better and you will maximize your casting distance. It will also ensure the life of your fly line as it will last longer to.

While fly fishing a tight quarters stream the other day I came to the realization that I needed to step down on rod length due to the brush and trees around me. Sometimes it is these hard to get to overgrown spots that are the ones that have the best potential to hold fish. For this, I recommend a short stiff rod in the 7 to 7.5 foot range. The shop just got in a few TFO fly rods that are perfect for this situation. They would also make awesome rods for fishing the stream at Connetquot River State Park 

Andrea from the shop with this weeks report. Things have been heating up with this weeks warming temps. 
On the freshwater side most lakes have received their second stockings of rainbow trout and brown trout, which can easily be caught with a simple worm and float. Other freshwater species such as basspickerel and perch have also become the main focus of other fisherman as well. Good areas to look for them are on shallow flats close to deep water. 
Crankbaits, swimbaits and weedless jigs are good options for covering a good amount of water this time of year. 

Andrea from the shop gave flounder a chance out east using sandworms. Even though it was a beautiful day no fish came up for him, he did note a few schools of adult bunker in the area.  When the water temperatures warm up a little bit more the flounder action should too. If you do want to head out for flounder I suggest fishing shallow mud flats during the beginning of the dropping tide.Flounder has been on the quiet side but those who have fished the bays for years know their spots and are getting their share. The shallow mud flats have been the go to spots, as well as mussel beds. Chumming a lot and frequent bait changes are key to getting on some black backs.

The opening day for Striped bass is April 15. With consistent warmer temperatures we will be seeing the fishing taking off in the next few weeks. Try the local tidal creeks with small soft plastics on a jig head or you could even use a sandworm on the bottom. I like fishing the warmer outgoing tide this time of the year.

Saltwater has seen a more abundant report this week as well. Schoolie stripers have made an appearance in some back bays on small swimming plugs and Finesse soft-plastics.

 Fishing the offshore grounds and wrecks are seeing a good turn out of cod, ling, pollock, and some blackfish all willing to hit a bait lowered to the depths.
Also, as a side note this time of year is a good time to get your gear in order.

Guides that might need replacing, reels that need line and servicing as well as renewing of fishing licences.This can all be done here at the shop. Our staff is always willing to help.

Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311

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