Kingfish Off Patchogue Dock's. Weakfish In The Bay. And Fall Fishing Starts NOW!!!

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Snapper fishing remains strong as we begin Fall '2017

The strong winds from this past week kept Striper fishing on the slower side. Boats could not fish the inlet or ocean due to high swell and dirty water. Some Surfcasters were able to focus on areas in Moriches and Shinnecock for some schoolie sized bass. Small swimming plugs or soft plastics fished around bridges and bay shorelines tucked away from the wind helped anglers and some fish. Nothing large, mostly schoolies, but some keepers were present too. As the seas settle we could see some good fishing going into this last week of September. Clams used on the open beach can be a great way to catch fish right after a storm. Inlets drifted with eels after dark can also be another GREAT METHOD.

Smaller sized blues can be found mixed with the stripers in the bays. The fish
along the north shore seemed to have gone missing this week. They should pop up again once the water cleans up and settles down. Smaller Bluefish when handled correctly can make excellent table fare, fish should be bled, iced and eaten fresh. Larger bluefish are great for smoking.

Fluke season ended Thursday, Unfortunately boats could not get into the ocean to target doormats due to tropical storm Jose. If you were able to find some cleaner water in the bay then you could of had a decent shot at fluke.

Snappers have stayed around the dock giving customers plenty of action when nothing else is going on. Snapper poppers, kastmasters and snapper spearing are all great choices. The usual local spots are still holding plenty of fish. (photo) Mikenna
“Mike” Riley, Age 9, From Medford, NY & Her Nánu, Nancy Piekarski, At Mascot Dock In Patchogue, NY

Crabbing also continues to be productive and a bunch of fun. With fall starting, these guys are fattening up for a long winters rest. Time to feast!

Kingfish had also made a showing at the docks. Small pieces of squid on a hi-lo rig can get you some action. Most of the kingfish are around the same size as the snappers. They are also excellent eating.

Weakfish have been active on both shores as well as the Peconic’s. Drifting small plastics with a jig head will work as well as drifting bait (squid, sandworms), both are effective methods to land fish. Usually when one fish is located more will be around providing some steady action. Keep in mind their is a 1 fish limit of 16 inches.

When fishing bait for Weakfish you can also locate Porgies during your drift. After the tide slows down concentrating on these spots using either sandworms or squid can be very effective for getting your share of Porgies. Using frozen tubes of Clam chum will help hold the fish in an area increasing your odds.

Matt from the shop gave a talk this past Thursday night at the Fisherman's seminar in Huntington. The focus of the talk was on the lures that he fishes with and how
 he would apply them in different situations. The following topics were covered... Darters, bottle plugs, poppers, minnow style, soft plastics, tins and eels. Great questions followed the various topics. For more on these topics come down to the shop and chat with him yourself.

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