Blackfish and Flounder seasons open...the unofficial opening of the trout season which is April 1st.

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Most lakes in Suffolk county are now stocked in time for the unofficial opening of the trout season which is April 1st. Brown and rainbow trout have both been placed into several lakes and rivers along the island. Some of the methods to target these fish can be by bait, lure or fly.
When using bait, nothing beats a nightcrawler or a wax worm fished on a small hook below a float.
If using lures, any small tin, spinner or trout magnet can do an excellent job at getting the attention of a fish. Play around with your retrieve speed util you figure out what the fish like that day. Slight twitches of the lure can also help wth a reaction strike.
A last method to catch these fish and one of the most challenging/ rewarding is using a fly rod. although freshly stocked fish are usually more likly to hit, still presenting a fly to them can be quite difficult to do. I suggest trying wolly buggers in colors of green or brown ,hares eared nymphs or scuds. All these patterns are proven to be sucessful and fish catchers.

Hey Joe O here fished this week at East Lake and made out pretty well with about a dozen perch.

Something New....Featured: New York Freshwater Fishing: West Lake, Patchogue. 

Now with Blackfish and Flounder seasons open, saltwater fishing offers several opportunities and worth a maiden vouage.
Try the standard places: in moriches; Smithpoint bridge and the areas around the inlet should produce. westward, Fire islands sore thum along with eastern Long islands shinecock canal, may hold some fine oportunities for this spring opener.  

It might be a little early for Striped bass but worth a try.  here too the usual spots can produce. Small lures, or maybe drifting a liitle clam could bring about some spring action.
A few reports of schoolies have been floating around from great river to camens river. Go light for these little guys, small jigs heads with tiny grubs or finess soft plstics.
Even though the Striped Bass season opens April 15th, this fish can be targeted for "catch and release" in the closed season. Handle them with care but enjoy.

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