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Columbus Day Fishing Forecast:

On the South Shore of long Island, we still have a variety of fish throughout the bays, beaches  and beyond. Strong reports of Blowfish and Kingfish from buoy 15 in Moriches, Weakfish off of Patchogue's Mascot Dock and the inlets are still producing a consistent catch of Porgies, and Triggerfish . Clam and/or squid are both fine baits. Snappers continues to tempt anglers but time is running out. They’re heading toward the inlets and are increasing in size daily to the point that they could be considered cocktail blues. Without a doubt, crabbing is still productive. Traps are producing well, baited with bunker or mackerel. The Blue claw crabs are getting larger as they fatten up for the winter.

The pods of Striped Bass along the south shore beaches are sticking around. A couple of larger fish up to 20 lbs are in the mix. They have been feeding on sand eels, mullet, and bunker. During the day I would suggest throwing ava jigs , Charlie Graves tin lures or bucktail tipped with a trailer such as fat cow strips. For night time fishing go with swimming plugs like SP Minnows, Mag Darters, super strike zig zags or even bottle plugs. Both sides of the tide have been good along Smith Point County Park  beach, Cupsogue Beach County Park,  FINS and  Robert Moses State Park.

Some bluefish have been mixed in with the bass and range in size from 5-15lbs. For bluefish, cast the same things that you would for bass, ava diamond jigs, Charlie Graves  lures or bucktail tipped with a trailer such as fat cow strips.

Weakfish have made an amazing bounce back this year in the local Patchogue Bays and throughout the Great South Bay and the Moriches bay region too . Many anglers have been reporting fish into the 16-20” range and even bigger ! A variety of lures and baits have been working to catch these toothy fish, for baits squid , spearing , sandworms have been most affective .

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For lures small Storm shads, Bass assassins and 007 / 005 diamond jigs, swim shads , bass assassins, sp minnows , and gulp swimming mullets rigged on a lead head have been the "go to lures" . A light rod ( 7ft-8ft ) with a looser drag (10-20lb test ) then normal would be ideal to target these fish due to the fact these fish are know to have soft mouths.

Albie fishing has been a little slow lately. Most of the fish have been off the beach a ways targeted by boats although I did get one report of them in close to a Shinecock Inlet  feeding on small baits. They should make a showing on the north shore within the next couple of weeks. Give any of the points along the north fork a shot. North Shore beaches get a run of them too. Use Shimano Coltsniper jigs Deadly Dicks,  Joe Baggs Resin Jigs for them.

The Porgy fishing along the north shore remains good. Patchogue locals using sandworms and clam for bait are reporting back good numbers of keeper sized Porgies. Try out Rocky Point or Wildwood State Park for some hot Porgy action.

With the arrival of October offshore bottom fishing will start to heat up. Blackfish season opens up on October 11th with a 3 fish 16" limit. The shop will be well stocked with Blackfish Hooks, Rigs, Jigs and Green Crabs. Check out our website for a great Stuffed Blackfish Fillet recipe.

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Sea Bass will also be very active with larger fish moving on to the nearby wrecks and structure. The limit on Sea Bass through the end of the season (12/31) is 7 fish per day 15" in length. Sea Bass are very aggressive and will take either Clam, Squid  or Spearing. For a shot at some larger fish try jigging with a A27 or A47 tubeless single hook Diamond Jig. When bait fishing or jigging offshore Reefs and structure you will also have a shot at larger Porgies, Ling (Red Hake) and the occasional Codfish. So if your looking to fill your freezer with some tasty fillets for the winter, now is the time to go.

TIP: If you don't already have one a vacume sealer is a great tool to keep your catch tasting nice and fresh after its thawed out. When using, one a trick to help seal the bags is to fold a paper towel and place it at the top of the bag above the fillets. This will help absorb any fluid that can compromise the seal.

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