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Striped Bass fishing has slowly started to get better. Reports continue to come in with some keeper sized fish mixed in with the schoolies. Best spots are in and around the south shore inlets and bays. A Patchogue Local come back for more fresh Bunker after landing a large fish in the 30+ lb. class fish this past week. Clam chumming has been producing fish too. Best areas are by the inlets.  However, the larger fish have been caught using Bunker

On the surf scene:  Anglers casting from shore have scored using soft plastics and swimbaits. Catches are good if and when you're able to get through the Bluefish. The Patchogue Locals reported back from the dock saying that bluefish have been taking bunker and mackerel chunks though the week.
Both Shinnecock and Moriches inlets have been seeing a consistent pick of bluefish through the day on diamond jigs and bucktails. Pablo from the shop reported that Smith Point Bridge was still alive after dark. Many small bluefish and schoolie striped bass were being landed on swimming plugs.

Fluke Fishing-This past week we received our first reports of "keeper" being caught outside of Shinnecock inlet in 75-80 feet of water. catches should only improve as the water temperatures continue to rise. 

The south shore bays continue to be productive too, when jigging small bucktails tipped with either squid and spearing or 4-5 inch gulp. 

Tip: Have a teaser hook tied onto your leader, (about 6-12" above the sinker) many times this is the one that will attracts the fish. 

Tip:  When cleaning your Fluke, after a successful day on the water, save strips of Fluke belly from the white or dark side of the fish, these make an excellent bait when targeting big fish on your next trip.

Bluefish continue to keep anglers busy on the south shore. Fish have not been picky hitting bait and lures with consistency. Bunker (fresh or frozen) and frozen mackerel are the baits of choice but clams will also work. Any type of flashy tin will catch Bluefish but topwater plugs will provide some great action. Bluefish make great table-fare if properly taken cared for. always bleed the fish after catching, then keep iced in a cooler. Just keep what you need for a meal, Bluefish do not freeze well.  Best to prepare them fresh.

Porgy fishing remains hot in the Peconic’s and on the north shore. Fish seem to be moving into shallower water giving the shore bound guys and gals a steady pick. Sandworms, squid or Clams fished on a #2 or #4 Porgy hook (while and using the lightest weight possible)  will increase your odds of catching. Tip: When fishing off of an anchored boat it always pays to chum with some tubes of frozen clam chum, this will hold the fish close to the boat. 

Tip: If you find that you are losing a lot of fish, try switching to a smaller hook or use a smaller piece of bait.

Weakfishing has been steady in the Peconic’s with reports of some quality fish over 6 lbs being landed by anglers drifting pink shads tipped with squid strips or fishing whole sandworms on a weighted hi-lo rig.  Weakfish by ocean beach and the smith point bridge area have also been reported. Remember their is a 1 fish 16" limit on Weakfish.

Patchogue Local, Mark W. Weighed in a 5lb weakfish taken from ocean beach. Mark used a small jig to tempt this mini-tide runner. 

If you're successful catching a weakfish we have a great recipe to help you enjoy this tasty ocean treat. 

If your looking for some Freshwater action, try Canaan Lake. Patchogue locals have been doing well with some huge crappies and bluegills. The state is in the process of draining and cleaning weed from the lake so opportunities abound.   Great Patchogue Lake also has Crappie, Bluegills and Sunfish.  They have responded well to small jigs and nightcrawlers.

Nightcrawler’s will do fine but freshwater shiners are also a productive bail. Shiners temp a large variety of fish to "bite your hook" and You'll never know when that trophy Pickerel or bass seizes this opportunity. 

Note: largemouth bass in Suffolk county opens this Saturday June 2nd. 

Click here for the Suffolk County Freshwater Regulations. 

Tight lines. 


Weakfish salad- Steam some skinless Weakfish fillets making sure that ALL bones have been removed, you will need 1 1/2 - 2 lbs of fillet. When the meat is flaky and opaque pull apart with a fork and let cool in a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 2 chopped celery stalks, 1 small chopped white onion and 1 teaspoon old bay seasoning. Mix thoroughly and cool in fridge for an hour. Serve with crackers.

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Don't Forget Dad-Sunday June 17th

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