Porgy Season Opens-Bluefish and Stripers at Local Docks

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Greater Patchogue Docks:
Gator Bluefish have been out and about "blitzing" the local Patchogue docks with plenty of action. Many customers have been coming in almost every day speaking about the awesome action taking place. Bunker and Mackerel chunks are both seeing equal interest from blues. Top water poppers such as super strike lures, gibbs poppers, creek chubs and atoms lures are being used for some explosive topwater action. The majority of the fish have been over 10lbs in weight.

Smith Point County Park:
The SmithPoint area is also experiencing its share of monster bluefish. The surfcasters along the shoreline (under the bridge) have had no problem landing several fish on poppers and tins.

Striper Action:
A few Stripers have been caught on the local docks. These fish are in the high teens. One of the regular customers,Ming, landed a 20lb Striper on a bunker chunk off sandspit dock.
Surfcasters are also plugging up bass around the bridges and in the back bays locally as well as the eastern portion of long island . Small swimming plugs, soft plastics and bucktails are the go to lures.

A few stray reports of Weakfish are coming up around the island. Most of them are centered around the back creeks and canals of the south shore.
Small soft plastics such as bass assassins rigged on a leadhead have been doing the job.

Flounder fishing, according to our regular customers, has been better this year than in the recent past. One report is that
Moriches bay (in front of Harts Cove) has consistent action with theses flat fish. Chumming is a must and the fish were taking both sandworms and mussels.

With Porgy season now open anglers have been hitting early season spots in the Peconics. Typically this is one of the first places they will show. Sandworms and clam are both very effective to use. Chumming will help prolong the bite. Don't be surprised to hook into a Weakfish while targeting porgy's in this area.
A Fluke is also a possibility but Fluke season opens May 17th.

Customers fishing down at the lake have been seeing good action.Trout, Perch and Sunfish are taking live baits like nightcrawlers,
wax worms and meal worms. Pickerel, at Great Patchogue lake, have been providing anglers consistent action.
Small spinners along with live shiners are accounting for most bites. Just a reminder... Largemouth bass cannot be targeted again until the first Saturday in June.

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don't forget to include, names, location and details 
(when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….)
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