Fishing Frenzy Starts Now. Prepare For Surf Fishing Season.

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Fluke fishing has been steady in the bay. Anglers going out are experiencing a good pick at fish with some keepers mixed in. Small bucktails and fluke rigs are both doing well. Gulp in combination with spearing will work very very well. Due to the recent high winds it has been hard for boats to get into the ocean to fluke fish. The past week has strictly been bay fishing. Hopefully as the seas settle we will see the boats
pick right back up on the solid ocean fluke action that was occurring. 

Fishing on the wrecks for Porgies and Sea Bass have been tough, also due to the rough ocean. Those who headed out into the sound were having luck with both species too. Try Fishing the rock piles off the north shore. A simple porgy rig or even a hi-lo rig will work great when targeting both these fish. Sandworms seemed to out fish the clam this week.

Snappers down at the local docks are more then willing to take the various lures and baits fishermen are using. These include small tins such as kastmasters, sidewinders, hopkins, snapper poppers, spearing and peanut bunker. Customers were came back to the shop of snappers the were exceeding a foot long! A great fish for sure on light tackle. Good locations to try are Pine Neck dock as well as Blue Point Dock. 
Don't be surprised if you land a weakfish or two while trying for Snapper Blues. 

Crabs, at these same locations, are abundant also. For the blue claws you would want to try a whole bunker or mackerel. Traps, hand-lines, and scooping off the 
pilings are all effective methods. For night crabbing it is important to have a powerful light to spot them with.

Fishing the lakes is always a safe bet this time of the year. A dozen worms, a float and a hook are all you need to catch fish. Species being caught are Panfish, Perch, and Largemouth Bass. The bass are also more than willing to engulf a soft plastic if offered to them. I myself have had good luck with a "texas or wacky rigged" Gary Yamamoto worm. 

Those going out and giving Stripers a shot are coming back with limited success. The water temperature is still too warm for stripers to  start biting more aggressively. Nights have been getting cooler though so we may start to see an improvement in action shortly. From those who still are looking to try and hook into a Striper I suggest you give clam belly a try on a fishfinder rig. Inlets are always a good location
to try. Surfcasters have had it tough too. Reports of a few schoolies have been heard from the Moriches bay area as well as north shore harbors. Small plugs that mimic spearing are the best choice.

If you are just getting into the sport of surfcasting I suggest that you attend this years annual Surf fishing Seminar at the Huntingon hilton in Melville. We will be attending. Come down the the booth, say hi to the crew and be sure to stock up on essentials for this years fall run. We will be carrying some great products at great prices.


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