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Fishing New Briefs:  

  • Stripers continue to be found in the local bays. Some slots size fish too are being landed. 
  • North shore is showing good catches of Bluefish in the range of 6-10lbs. 
  • False Albacore are being landed on the north and south shore as well.  
  • Blackfish reports from the north shore and south shore are robust
  • Local Lakes are doing well with the newly stocked trout

Bass are still moving along the open beach and the Great South Bay. Guys fishing the inlets are having good results of slot size fish. As well as fishing the back bay from both boat or beach. In the past few weeks  we have seen good healthy fish being "railed and beached" on top water plugs, swimming plugs and soft plastics and Charlie Graves Tins. These fish look to be eating small rain bait that has been trapped in the bay for some time now. Bunker has been seen moving around both the north and south shore as well. fishermen on the north shore seem to be doing good on the pods moving to the west. They have been throwing top water plugs, bucktails, and bigger storm shads next to these schools and getting some good results.

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False Albacore are being landed on the north and south shore as well. Epoxy Jigs fast across the top  have these fish thrashing to your line. Some Boats on the south shore have seen big schools of albies just outside of Moriches Inlet as well.

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Blackfish have also been reported from the Moriches and Shinecock Inlet  and Shinnecock Canal too. Patchogue locals took a trip to Greenport and reported Blackfishing is robust.  Green crabs on blackfish jigs are doing fine. 

A big surprise to many, is that Patchogue locals while fishing the Local Docks found themselves catching Sea Bass and Blackfish.  Even the guys fishing the docks said they couldn't believe it when they were first landed. To see these fish finding homes in the rocks at the end of the Patchogue River seems to tell us that the conditions are improving. Note: Striped Bass to 33 inches are also still being caught from the local docks as well. 

Local Lakes are doing well with the newly stocked trout. Small gold Kastmaster are really hooking these fish. Guys fishing light tackle are finding a good fight with these 2 year old Brown trout. Other people are fishing with nigh crawls are producing good quality fish. West Lake  and Upper lake Yaphank seem to be producing the most fish. Last week after the stocking guys saw an increase with hold overs as well. the colder weather make these fish more active.

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