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This weeks report will focus on the "fun fish" of the island. Fun Fish can be defined as a species that all ages can target and are easily accessibly for everyone.

Attached is a list of some "Fun Fish Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF) Updated

Down at Patchogue's Mascot Dock  a couple of species of these fish can be caught. Both on similar tackle. The first would be blowfish. These guy have been quite numerous this week as well as the whole season so far. A small hook fished on the bottom with a piece of clam or squid is the perfect choice for them. Blowfish make an excellent table fair. The next dock species that has been showing itself quite often recently is kingfish. They too can be caught the exact same way as a blowfish making it an ideal species to target. Kingfish too are great eating. Both these species have no bag or size limit. But please take what you will use only. Any local dock has potential to have these fish but a few hotspots are Mascot dock, Sandspit Marina and Pine Neck Dock dock. While we are on the topic of the docks, I have to mention that crabbing is starting to show signs of improvement. My regular crabbers have reported a few keepers crabs among the small ones. Traps and hand nets are both good methods to go with. Crabbing should only get better by the day at this point.

The Northern Puffer is known to most as the blowfish :
• Size Limit: No Restrictions • Bag Limit: No Restrictions,
• Season: All Year. Excellent eating!!
Blowfish feed on sandworms, squid, and clam.
"puffs up" into a ball in self-defense by inhaling air or water

Another fun species to target that also make a good meal is sea robin. The bays are loaded with them. They are not picky at all and will go after any bait you cast at them. Sea robin meat makes a great fish taco.
One of my favorite species to target have finally showed up at our inlets. this fish would be triggerfish. recent reports have been that the bite is better on the outgoing tides in Shinnecock and Moriches inlets. Clams and squid are my top two catching baits. I like to use a high low rig with strong hooks for triggerfish. They have been known to bite right through them. If you choose to keep triggerfish( which I recommend because they are delicious) have a good knife on hand that can cut through their tough outer skin.   Click here:  filleting Tiggerfish

Triggerfish:  •Size Limit: None •Bag Limit: No Limit •Season: All Year.

Triggerfish feed on sandworms, squid, and clam. They have sharp teeth and a tough skin. Excellent eating.  Triggerfish are found around rocks and inlets.

Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM 

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. Call (631) 654-2311

The fluke bite stayed good this week in the bays. Shop alumni Anthony Costa reported good action from around the smiths bridge with a good pick at shorts and enough keepers to keep it interesting. He also mentioned that the spearing and squid was out fishing the gulp baits. Bucktails and rigs both saw action. Shinnecock and Moriches bays around the high tide periods have also been good bets. The shop has been adding some nice hand tied hi-lo rigs to its inventory. These are the rigs our customers have been asking for so come get them while they last.

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Porgy fishing is wonderful on the north shore right now. Both boats and shore casters have been getting in on the fishing for them. The sandworms and clams are seeing good results. You can't go wrong trying spots like  Brookhaven Fishing Piers. If you are on a boat using chum helps keep them around for a longer period of time.

Sea Bass are still being picked off the local ocean wrecks off of Moriches and Shinnnecock. I like to use jigs for them but A simple hi-lo rig baited with clam works great. The north shore out east by Wading River ( Wildwood State Parkand Mattituck Inlet is also seeing a pick at the sea bass but you have to weed through the Porgies first.

Bass fishing has slowed in the inlets a bit. You can still pick a few at night on bucktails and rubber shads. The bigger fish seem to have shifted into the rips off of Montauk. These cows can be hooked using  legal Porgies or Snagged Bunker.

The lakes are keeping local busy as per usual. I always recommend live baits like nightcrawlers and Shiners this time of the year. Fish in the holes around the weeds. Sometimes going weedless is a must. Try West Lake, Swan Lake, or  Great Patchogue Lake  or  for species like Bass, Perch and Bluegill.

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