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Striper bass action has been steady anglers seeing bigger fish moving in.  Anglers are finding these line-siders during the day using clams on the open beach. The lure selection includes  sp minnows, darters and super strike swimmers are working well. TACKLE TIP: Diamond jigs during the day have been very productive). Try focusing your fishing the last 2 hours of the incoming tides and first 2 hours of the outgoing for a more productive day. On the boats, clam chumming has been very productive or working the pods of bunker , the pods are seeing bigger fish but not all pods have been holding fish 

Blues have been plenty full in the south shore inlets mainly cocktails this time of year. Fire island, MorichesSmith Point County Park  and Shinecock Inlet  have been the go to spots to get into the action. For the locals The docks (Patchogue's Mascot Dock , Bluepoints Corey Beach and  Sayville Dock) are still seeing some blues coming up on bunker or mackerel chunks.

The Local Docks are filled with blowfish and kingfish! A small hook #9 and or a hi-low rig with size #6 hooks tipped with a piece of clam, squid or sandworms will do the trick. Fun to catch and great to eat.

This week has continued to produce some good reports of crabbingTraps and nets are both producing but traps and doing a little better during the day and netting these critters is better at night.  Bunker is a great bait and so is mackerel.

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Fluke fishing continues to remain the same. Boats seeing result outside of the inlets in deeper water. Most keepers are hovering around the 19-20" mark but some larger doormats have been in the mix. Bucktails and fluke rigs tipped with large local squid or spearing and various gulp baits. Moriches and Shinnecock bays are also seeing some action. Try focusing efforts around the last 2 hours of the incoming and the first 2 of the outgoing.  Patchogue local "Anthony" displays a 5 plus lb Fluke from Fire Island Inlet. The bait combo was squid and spearing

Sea bass enters the second week of being open and the bite continues to be active.  Using piece's of clam on a Hi-Lo rig over some structure is all you need to catch a limit of fish. Sea Bass jigging has become more popular in the community, plain single hook diamond jigs, hammered gold or hammered silver are very popular many tip these baits with squid strips or spearing increasing your chances at bigger fish and a shot at a nice fluke hanging around 

Porgies have been numerous in the long island sound and south shore . Sandworms, Clam , and Squid are equally working very well. The north shore between Port Jefferson and Wildwood State Park , cedar beach has been the spots to fish . Also the Shinnecock Canal/Inlet is another good place to target these fish with the first confirm catches of Trigger fish in the mix . A simple hi-lo set up is the "go to rig" for Porgy fishing.

Summer Weakfish continue to be showing great numbers as the season progress , plenty of fish from 2lb-4lb but still a chase of a tide runner in the mix . Surfcasters and boat fishermen doing equal well , Many of these fish have been taken on small swim shads, tins, as well as bucktails tipped with gulp baits. For bait fisherman clam ,squid or sandworms have been the ticket.

TACKLE TIP OF THE WEEK: Nightcrawlers are freshwater bait for trout, largemouth bass and panfish. But, Few anglers have been using these baits in saltwater for many years, yet they can be surprising effective at times even more effective than more saltwater baits for species like weakfish, sea bass, porgies and even striped bass.

Pablo and Joe from the shop took a field trip trip to Connetquot River State Park last Thursday.  This was Joes first time at Connetqout and his first time trying his hand at fly fishing.  when they arrived, pablo and Joe secured spots 16A and 14. Pablo tied on a black “woolly bugger” for both anglers and after a few missed opportunities they finally landed some nice rainbow trout.   Soon after the bite died, Pablo tied a “pink mop fly “ and just like the Woolley bugger the bite picked up right away and a few more fish were landed.   At the end of the day we walked away happy with Pablo catching 9 fish and Joe catching 7.  

Updated Connetquot River State Park  report , summer sessions , row boats , new areas open

Connetqout offers 3 sessions , morning 8am-12pm , afternoon 12pm-4pm , and evening 4pm-8pm . They offer 2 row boats that are Available to fish the main lake , but they are only available during the morning session and afternoon session . The park stocks rainbow trout , brook trout , as well have some hold over brown trout , however the main locations on the river that get stocked often are spots 8-16 but they have recently been stocking from 17-30 there is no wading in these areas but they are easy access areas . The  ideal set up for the park is a 5/6wt fly reel spooled with floating line , paired with a 8ft or 8’6ft  5/6wt fly rod , but if fishing the lake use a 9ft 5/6wt rod for a little extra distance on the lake . This time of year the trout tend to push up the river for cooler water so focus on those areas in the river  . Flies that have been working have been Olive ,Purple , Black , and brown Wooly Buggers . Make sure to carry some Dry flys as well and terrestrials like ants , beetles , grass hopper ,or butterfly pattern flies . The average fish in river generally measure around 15-18”  inches mainly the rainbows and brooks .

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