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Kingfish and Blowfish have moved in thick on the Local Docks. Fishing small hooks like bait holders, tipped with a piece of fresh clam, you will see the best results. These fish are fun to catch of light tackle, but they also make for a fresh, tasteful dinner as well. 

Incoming tides around Moriches inlet we are seeing some quality fish coming over the rails. From nice keeper fluke to slot size bass in the back of the inlet. There is even some nice bluefish cruising around. The Guys From the shop were out one morning this week and had a mixed bag of fish. They even had keeper porgies while drifting for some fluke.

Sea bass fishing has been red hot across the island. Wrecks, Artificial Reefsrocks or any kind of structure in the sound or ocean, even in the inlets, you will find these fish. fishing clams on the bottom these knuckle heads are sure to hit your rigs. 

The hidden value of Sea-Robins

Sea-robins are one of the most common fish in our waters but many are unaware of there usage . To most people sea robins have little to no value but but if you want to try something different these ancient fish can provide a variety of uses.Sea-robin are a great source of bait for fluke, striped bass and bluefish. The best way would be to simply strip them at the belly and the sides. This is a great source of bait due to there availability and familiarity with other fish species.This may come as a surprise to some but sea robin provide an excellent meal. They have white flakey flesh similar to seabass and a decent sized fish can provide a few sizable fillets. My favorite to prepare this fish is simply breded and fried you can also bake and grill them. Sea robin will eat almost anything that they can find so most conventional baits will work well.Sea robins also have no size or number restrictions. So next time you are on the water think twice about throwing back these fish.

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Don't underestimate the tenacity and taste of Sea Robbins. <Fillet A Sea Robbin Video> These scrappy critters are plentiful and tasty too.  Catch them on bait or lures with a light tackle combo for an exciting time.

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Another underrated fish found in long island waters is the Trigger fish. Trigger fish are a unique looking tropical fish that migrate to our waters during the summer season.These fish can grow up to 13 lbs and provide a fun and challenging fight. In New York these fish have no size or number limits. these fish also are very tasty and can be cooked in a number of ways. Trigger fish have thick rubbery skin which can be tricky to fillet but its worth the effort. The best way to target these fish would be a simple high low bait rig with some clam or squid

 Porgies have now moved in on the south shore. These fish can now be caught on both sides of the island with strong reports still coming in from many popular north shore spots such as cedar beach and Wildwood State Park. On the south shore the Shinnecock Inlet has produced good quantities of fish. To catch porgy's all you need is a simple high low rig with a piece of clam or sandworm.

Crabs Are In!!!  Fun to catch and great to eat!! Traps and nets work well. Bunker and mackerel make a fine bait.

Fluke remains hot around long island with large amounts of fish being caught around smiths point bridge as well as the Moriches Narrow Bay and Shinnecock bays. Fish up to 10 lbs. have been reported in Moriches as well as Shinnecock. The best way to target these fish would be a high low rig with squid , spearing or clam. Gulp is a great artifical option for bait and comes in a varity in size and colors.

Freshwater fishing around the island continues to produce. The local Patchogue lakes such as west, swan and Great Patchogue Lake  all have good amounts of bass and sunfish. Night crawlers are a great way yo catch these fish. Senko worms, spinners and poppers will work great. Lake Ronkonkoma has had excellent reports of bass as well as walleye

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Fish Facts:

Size Limit: 37” • Bag Limit: 2 Per Day • Season: All Year. Fine to eat. Cobia can be caught using bucktail jigs, or small plastic crabs or fish type lures. cobia can also be caught using eels.


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