Summer Doldrums Not So Dull....

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Try fishing for some Snappers down at the local docks. The have been very active recently. Good spot to try out are Pine Neck, Mascot and Blue point docks. Small tins have been working for those who like to cast and reel. If you prefer bait, small spearing or sandeels bait fished under a float can get some awesome action. The snappers are between 7-10" at this point.

 Crabs continue to be very active and are around in good numbers at the local docks and creeks. You can try setting a few traps baited with either bunker or mackerel.  The simple method of walking the docks with a light at night has seemed to do well with the crabs also this year.

Surf Report: The crew have been working night tides with eels for a few cocktails blues or the occasional small striped bass. Plenty of bait has been spotted
in the bays though so it could potentially make for a phenomenal fall fun.

If you still want to give Stripers a go your best choice of bait would be clams around inlets during the day or a live eel after dark. Incoming tides have the advantage over the outgoing. Captain Mike managed 5 bass on sandworms in Moriches with one fish going 31"

Fluke fishing can be good once you find an area where the sea robins are not as populated. The whole challenge is to get away from these aggressive fish, or even better you can target them and filet them up for a meal. They are not bad tasting and nor will you grow wings like them after consuming. Shinnecock and Moriches Bay both have a lot potential.  Working the last two hours of the incoming tide and the first two of the out will give you best odds. Usual baits such as squid, spearing, sand eels and gulp all seemed to have no problem getting good results. Captain Mike and a friend worked Moriches in the ocean for 14 shorts with 2 keeper sized fish. One was 19 1/2" and the other was 20" 

The south shore wrecks have continued to hold a decent number of Sea Bass, Porgies and Triggerfish. Most of the Sea Bass are right around keeper size but a chance at a reel knucklehead isn’t out of the question. Stripped squid fished on a hi-lo rigs are perfect. You can also try a new bait called clam-neck’s. Much tougher then regular clam. You can potentially land several fish on the same piece without
having to put on a new piece of bait.

Some of our loyal porgy fishermen have been reporting in saying that they have been doing well along the rocky shorelines of the north shore (Port Jefferson, My. Sinai, Wading River and Riverhead, with sandworms and clam for bait. No monsters but the majority of the fish are just over keeper size.

Freshwater fishing continues to be very active. live shiners under a float reported this week that Large Mouth Bass were feeding well. The average size is from 1-2 pounds. Yellow Perch and Crappie are having no trouble finding the smaller shiners too. Nightcrawler’s are doing well with small panfish. Try fishing the shade line for better results on those sunny days. West Lake and Great Patchogue lake have both been offering this action.

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