Snapper Fishing Is Hot-The Best Striper Fishing In Years-Mixed Bag For The Taking

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Vinnie Lijoi reported: Fishing Montauk- 6 quality Bass up to 45lbs, 12 jumbo Porgies (One of the porgies hit an eel when I was dragging them for Bass) and 3 legal Seabass

Striper fishing has been solid at all of the local inlets with fresh clam working best during the day by either drifting or anchoring up and chumming. Drifting with Bunker has also produced. At night try using Live Eels or a large white Jig with a white or red Fat Cow Jig Strip. Fishing has remained hot in Montauk with HUGE fish having settled in.

Triggerfish have been reported at Shinnecock Canal.  Triggerfish feed on sandworms, squid, and clam. They have sharp teeth and a tough skin. Excellent eating.  Triggerfish are found around rocks and inlets. Triggerfish:  •Size Limit: None •Bag Limit: No Limit •Season: All Year.

Fluke fishing in Moriches bay has provided steady action though the ratio of shorts has increased. The west cut of the inlet and the area around Harts cove seem to be the most consistent. Sea Robbins have also settled in to the Fluke grounds and do make decent table fare if you give them a shot.  Shinnecock bay has been steady with the ocean producing some quality fish. Squid and spearing on a Fluke rig and bucktails fished with Gulp have also produced.

Porgy fishing has remained good on the North Shore (Like Wildwood State Park) and in Peconic Bays with fish eagerly hitting Sandworms, Squid or Fresh clam. Smaller Porgies are in abundance so try using a #4 hook at this time of year, remember Porgy's must be 9 inches in length to keep.

Sea Bass reports have been good with anglers reporting plenty of life on the local wrecks and underwater reefs. The fish have been aggressive taking clam, squid or spearing without much preference. A 15" fish can take a little patience with smaller fish quick to grab on to whatever is offered.

Snappers have showed up at the local docks.  Small spearing fished under a float is the "tried and true method" but Snapper Poppers and small tins have also worked. Make sure you bring a Crab trap and a net along with you if you hit the docks, Blue Claw Crab have made a nice showing this year.
Surf Report
Surf fishermen working the night tides around Shinecock Inlet  and Moriches have reported a decent pick of Bass on Live Eels. Fishing during the day has been steady for the guys putting in the time. The east end has picked up with Montauk now starting to produce more consistently. Fishing from the beach with bucktails, tins and soft plastics have produced Bass and Bluefish.

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Zeppi's Freshwater Report
Even with the hot weather Largemouth Bass fishing has been pretty good with live shiners doing the trick. Lakes that hold Pickerel have also been keeping the live shiner guys busy as well.  If lures are your style, top water poppers and weedless frogs, such as Sum frogs and texas rig worms, are all good methods for producing some nice sizes "bucket mouths" in the early part of the day.  For the mid-day action bottom fishing techniques are best such as hopping a wighted Texas Rigged Worm along the bottom threw the grass beds. This method is well known for producing some super sized summer bass. Then for the afternoon bite, small poppers like hula poppers and weedless swim baits are best worked around grass edges (strikes are explosive, be ready). If you want to take the kids out for some fast action then panfish is the best option. Perch, Bluegill and Pumpkinseed are willing to eat any thing you put in front of them so there should be no lull in the action. Don’t be surprised if a nice sized largemouth or jumbo perch hits the tiny piece of nightcrawler intended for the sunnies too.

Ron's Cooking Tip:
When melting Butter to dip your Steamed Clams, Lobsters, Crab etc. use half butter and half margarine this will keep the mixture liquid without it getting congealed. And for taste add some crushed wet garlic to the mix.

NOTE: Sandbar sharks are known to prowl the beach this time of the year.  Have a pair of long hook removers handy also. If landed they must be released. Shark Regulations (PDF)

Just a reminder. You do need to register before saltwater fishing. It easy and it's FREE….
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It's a good idea to "snap a shot" of your license so it's always with you in case of lose or its destroyed. 16yrs and older are required to register.

Fish Facts

kingfish:  Limit: No Restrictions-Bag Limit: No Restrictions-Season: All Year.   Excellent eating!! Kingfish feed on sandworms, squid, and clam.


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