The Lakes are Stocked! Stripers on the Beach and Blackfishing is Heating Up....

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Spread along the south shore of long island you can find some good Striper fishing taking place. A few good locations to focus around have been the open beach and inlet around Moriches. The New "Old" Inlet and the stretches of beach between Shinnecock and Moriches inlet.  On the sand beaches try throwing plugs such as SP Minnows, Darters, Mag Darters and Bottle Plugs for night time fishing. During the day poppers,tins and bucktails can be effective. If you wanted to give the inlets a go, I would suggest using bucktails or heavy rubber shads.

The boats drifting Moriches inlet have also had some luck fishing eels at night as well as using clams during the day. Some bunker pods were also spotted off Moriches in the ocean but not much was on them. A few boaters were said to of hooked a few bass on top water poppers working the pods.  Some boats fishing in the Great South Bay also reported good numbers of schoolie sized fish taking small topwater lures around sunset.

Bluefish were scarce this week. A few cocktails were reported from the inlets on bucktails. A report from out west came in saying some larger Bluefish were harassing the bunker pods off the Breezy point area. Not much word on the north shore bluefish either.

False Albacore stuck around again this week. A few good showings at Shinnecock inlet. Most of the fish were taken on small tins such as deadly dick or diamond jigs.

Some Weakfish have remained scattered throughout the bays. Your best bet with them is fishing either Smith point or Ponquogue Bridges. Also the back of Moriches has had a few weakfish lingering around too.
Pablo from the shop has recommended that when targeting Weakfish white soft plastics have worked best. Usually in combination with a small 1/2oz-1oz jighead.

Blackfish has remained steady this past week. The use of Green crabs has given anglers good chances at tog on the various wrecks off Moriches and Shinnecock. Being on the wrecks is key. If your
boat happens to shift off it while anchored it can ruin the action. The blackfish are usually tight to the structure. Another thing you can try is Blackfish jigs. Very easy to use also. Just use a jig that is heavy enough to hold the bottom and either put a whole crab or half a crab on the jig depending on the size of the crab.
Mixed in with blackfish are porgies and sea bass. Crabs make a fine bait but you may want to try some clam too.

The local lakes are stocked!! the fall stocking at West lake has already provided some great fishing opportunities for anglers.
Mike ida, Uncle Steve Musso and Tony M, have already shared their fishing experiences, catching Brown Trout on, flies, kastmasters and bluefox lures. For bait, nightcrawlers will do just fine.
Some LM Bass were taken on live shiners at Great Patchogue Lake. A few customers used nightcrawlers this week too and had decent luck with bluegills and yellow perch. Zeppi from the shop was at it again this week. He managed some nice healthy holdover trout fishing with nightcrawlers. His method of fishing was half a worm fished on the bottom with a few small split shots a head of the hook.

Hey Joe O here back in action and ready for the fall season of fishing it has been a good start so far I have been fishing alot of lakes more north  Upper lake as well as artist lake and even fished some of carmens river but had some nice action at artist lake with perch bluegill and crappie which were all caught on a meal worm which one of my favorite fall season baits hopefully trout will be showing soon in a week or 2 with some cooler temps tight line everyone.

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